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26 October 2009 @ 02:52 pm
Heroes Doujinshi Translation!  
I was given a terrific set of doujinshi scans by selphiealmasy8 to translate and I finally finished them! They are a set of 4-column comics.

You can download the scans here, courtesy of the fabulous selphiealmasy8, and read on for the translations!

Translations by tiptoe39. Please feel free to use or reproduce, but credit would be appreciated. Also, any corrections or clarifications you can make would be greeted with great appreciation. Thank you for reading!

Page 1

Nice to meet you. My name is Harry.
This is a mix of some 4-panel comics and commissions I've published on my site.
It's a jumble of material from Seasons One through Three.
I have no idea how I should sort them out, so
I lined them up by subject.
The art changes around quite a bit
because I have been writing them over a half-year.
There are all kinds of problems with them,
but I think now that they're all together
it came out well.

Page 2

 A brother's love is blind
 Peter: By the way, Nathan, which me do you like?
(small words) My old haircut or the big head I've got now?
Nathan: Either one.
Peter: Huh?
 Nathan: Long hair or shaven head or skinhead or if you have boils all over your whole body or a pompadour or a punk cut or if you're a girl or if you have cat ears or if you're dressed up like a maid...
Nathan: If you're yourself, I don't care what you look like, Peter.
 Peter: "Oh... I see..."
(small words) Thank you...
Narration: His brother's love is so deep, it's really causing Peter problems.
 Bottom of page: I stuck this 4-panel comic here at the last minute after I messed up my plan for the page.

Page 3

 FLYING MAN!! Hiro's hearing level
 Hiro: "Ahh! It's the brothers who are in love!"
text: *gasp*
 Hiro: "What's your name?"
(small text) "Whoosh!"
Nathan: "Nathan Petrelli."
 Nathan: "Shh!"
Hiro: "Ah, I see, that's right!"
 Hiro: Nathan...
(white text) *gulp*
Hiro: ...Pedo.... Loli..?
[translator's note, meaning, of course, pedophile + lolita.]
 Hiro: "It's a secret, right. "
Hiro: "IN-CEST!"
 Nathan: "No--! Not Pedo Loli, I am Petrelli!"
(small text) So that's why you were naked!!
Hiro: "You are bad person! Pervert! Pervert!"
 Hiro: "IN-CEST!"
Hiro: [a sound effect - DOBYU - one can assume it's the sound of his demonstration]
(small text) *hee hee*
Hiro: "'Ah...  Oh, no, don't, big brother!'" [pretending to be Peter]
Nathan: "Hey--"
Nathan: "I'm asking you, please! Cut it out...!"

Page 4

 (untitled) Save the [blank] !
 Small text: "I'm kind of scared, but..."
Hiro: "I'm pretty cool five years from now. I turn out like that..."
 Hiro: "You're Peter Petrelli, right?"
 Peter: "He's like that because your friend there dies!"
 Hiro: "I've come to give you an important message."
Hiro: "....."
 Hiro: "Because Ando-kun dies..."
Hiro: "I become a terrorist...!"
 Hiro: "...huh? What was it, the thing that waves the pom-poms..."
Hiro: "I'm blanking. Ando-kuuun!"
 Hiro: "......" Peter: "Cheerleader?"
Hiro: "That's it! Save the cheerleader!"
Hiro "Ando-kun, sorry about this... But swallow your tears and die right now!"
(small text) "I like the cool me better!"
(small text above Hiro's head) *bambambam*
Ando: "Whaa? That's so mean, Hiro!"

Page 5

 Tubular Bells Razor Burn
 Mohinder: Why don't you admit it?
(small text) ding [sound of tuning fork]
Mohinder: Tell me your name!
 Hiro: "Good morning, Ando-kun!"
(small text) *torn up*
Ando: "Hiro! What happened to your cheeks?"
Sylar: S... Sylar...
(small text) Auugh!
Sylar: It's Sylar!!
 Hiro: "I tried to shave and I got razor burn."
(small text) "It hurts"
Ando: "It's because you have soft skin."
(small text) "Pain, pain, go away..."
 (small text) [panting noise - hah, hah, hah] (outside the panel) The current version (*grin*)
(small text): "Same time, New York, Petrelli Bros." [translator's note: yes, it says it in both languages]
Nathan (offscreen): "Ow!"
Peter: "Nathan, what's wrong?
 (small text at top) [I think this is the sound of the bells clattering - Chakkoko, ranniniran]
(small text at bottom) *clatter clatter*
Sylar: Auuuugh!!
(outside the panel) He's proud of his musical talent.
 Nathan: "Looks like razor burn."
(small text): *torn up*
Peter: "I've told, you, Nathan, if you don't use five blades..."

Page 6

 No more butt chins!  [translator's note, literally it's butt chins - refers to a cleft in your chin]Ando-kun, not there!
 Nathan: "Sorry, but I'm behind in the polls. I won't make it into Congress."
Nathan: "Much less the White House."
 Hiro: "Augh, my shoulders got stiff..."
 Linderman: "You think I say this with no foundation?"
(sound effect) *clatter*
(kanji on face) *big brother*
 Hiro: "Ah! Ando-ku--n!"
Hiro: "Could you give me a little massage?"
(small text) OK!
 (sound effect) *tremble*
Nathan "... That can't be!"
 (small text) *squeeze*
Hiro: "!"
Hiro: "Not there!"
 Nathan: "I don't have a butt chin!"
(small text) "here!"
Nathan: "Is it there?"
[translator's note: I don't get the last line either.]
 (small text) *partition*
Ando: "Then, here?"
Hiro: "A-a-a-n!"

Page 7

 To people who like Mohinder: sorry about this! For the safety of the children
 Narration: "Mohinder in the morning"
(small text near his hair) *glitter glitter*
(small text near razor) "A five-blade razor"
 Niki: "Okay, Micah? If you meet a strange person use this tool to get rid of him."
 Narration: "Mohinder at noon."
(small text) *click click*
 Claire: "It's a stun gun, right? Okay, Papa."
HRG: "Be careful with that, Claire!"
(small text) *panting*
 Narration: "Mohinder in the evening."
(small text near the window) *caw, caw*
(small text below) *click click*
Nathan: "If anything happens to you I'll come flying in to save you!"
Peter: "Nobody can fly, Nathan!" [Translator's note, he actually says "big brother," but that's a Japanese convention - you don't refer to your big brother by your name. More likely in English to say "Nathan" than big brother.]
(small text) *their childhood years*
 Narration: "Mohinder at night."
Narration: "I get the feeling genetics research is more important that thinning out your beard."
 Bob: "Elle, when you go outside, to take care of yourself..."
(small text) *crackle*
Bob . o O {My kid doesn't need one.}

Page 8

Honesty, about at Level 1 [translator's note, it could also be read as Honestly, he's about at Level 1, but not sure how to read this title]  Various Peters
 Narration: "Peter has gotten Jesse's power."
(sound effect): *WHAM!*
 Narration: "4 Years in the Future Peter"
Narration: "Today's Peter"
 Peter: "Ahh.. Nathan..." Future!Peter: "Nathan, you like me better, right?"
Present!Peter: "That me is dangerous! You'll get killed!"
 Peter: "Ah... nn..."
Peter (at left): "I can't..."
Peter (lower right): "No..."
 Future!Peter: "I can also turn into the old me!"
(sound effect): *suuu* [like a shimmering noise, i think]
Present!Peter: "!"
 Peter: "AAAA----! <3 I'm coming!"
(sound effect) *WHAM!*
(text near Peter's naughty bits) [too small for me to read, something about a circle.. probably indicating the censored part]
(Small text at left): <- Nathan
 Present!Peter: "Nathan, doooon't! He's already killed you once!"
(small text in bottom right) *ha ha ha*
(small text near nathan) *hmmm*
(small text in top left) *which means he could also become peter as a boy?*
Present!Peter: "I'll learn how to transform myself eventually, too!"

Page 9

If Nathan hadn't showed up to save him Waffle Hiro
 Future!Claire: "It's your fault that 200,000 people in Costa Verde were sacrificed." Hiro: "Waffle~"
(small text) *grin*
Ando: "Hiro?"
 Future!Claire: "For the first person..."
(sound effect) *tsutsu* [the sound of the knife against Peter's skin]
Peter: "Owowowowow, Ouch, Ouch!!"
 Hiro: "Waffle? Waffle waffle."
Ando: "Hiro... don't tell me..."
 Future!Claire:" "For the second person... for the third person..."
(small text top right) "Ahh!"
(small text middle right) *cut*
(small text bottom right) "No!"
(small text top left) "Ouch!!"
(small text middle left) "Wait--"
(small text bottom left) *cut*
Future!Claire (bottom left) "For the fourth person..."
(small text on Haitian's face) Haitian
Future!Claire (top left) "For the fifth person..."
 (sound effect) *shocked*
Ando: "...you can't say anything but Waffle anymore?"
(small text) "just kidding! *grin*"
 Future!Claire: "For the 40th person!"
(small text) "Ahahahaha!"
(text on Peter's body) I Have a Brother Complex!
Future!Claire: "That's what you get, Peter!"
 (sound effect) *Waaa!*
Hiro: "Wa, wawa, waffle~~~! Waffle~~!"
Ando: "Wait... are you serious? Is this a new ability, or what?"

Page 10

 "Elle" Is for Love
[a play on Elle/ the letter L]
 Uru*** Yatsura
[This comic is a play off Urusei Yatsura, a classic comic by Rumiko Takahashi about an alien girl named Lum who could shoot lightning at people and was pretty much the pinup girl for a whole generation of dorky Japanese teenagers.]
 Narration: I'm Elle.
Narration: To win Peter's heart, I'm trying a homemade food attack. I wonder if he'll enjoy it today, too?
 Narration: I'm Elle!
Narration: I can manipulate electricity at will. If only I could do the same to the heart of the man I love...
 (small text in Peter's thought bubble) *blechh*
Elle: "Is it good? I challenged myself with a new flavor today."
 Hiro: "That's it! You're Lum-chan!"
(small text) Otaku [anime nerd]
Hiro: "You're the real Lum-chan! YATTA!!" [Yess!]
 Peter: "Ah... Thank you, Elle."
(small text) *gefu...* [I guess it's the sound of him wiping his face.]
Peter: "I'm really glad. You're always making me eat different things. Thanks."
 [Note: she's wearing Lum's costume]
Elle: "This will really get Peter to look my way?"
Hiro: "Of course!"
Hiro: "Lum-chan is every guy's dream! There's no guy who won't fall for this!"
 Elle: "Did you just misspeak? Or did you mean to say that?"
(small text) *crackle*
Peter: "No! My mistake! It's delicious! Strange and delicious!"
 Narration: "The result..."
Peter: "Nathan, what's that?"
Nathan: "Shh. Don't stare at it!"

[translator's note: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!]

Page 11

 The Peach Pie of MemoriesElle (L) is for LIP!
 Elle: "Peter, you seem down."
Elle: "Is there anything you'd like to eat?"
(small text) I'll try to make it for you.
 Narration: "I'm Elle!"
Narration: Today, I'm putting all my recipe books together and cooking from them!"
 Peter: "Let's see. Maybe something sweet."
(small text) *for no reason*
Peter: "Like a peach pie..."
 Peter: "!"
(small text) *chew*
Elle: "Is it good? Today I tried a recipe from a book!"
 (sound effect) rattle, rattle (sound of an electric shock)
Peter: "Gyahh!"
 Peter: "It's good!"
Peter: "It's really good, Elle! The best so far!"
 Elle: "I'm sorry..."
Elle: "I can't make you a peach pie... it brings back memories..."
 Elle: "That's what I thought. You've been forcing yourself to eat it."
(small text) *crackle*
Peter: "No! My mistake! It's delicious! Every time, every day, it's delicious!"

Page 12

The love that has gone too far 2
 The love that has gone too far
 Narration: "My little brother" by Nathan Petrelli
(small text) Waaa, waaaa
Narration: I was an only child, but my little brother was born. He's seven years younger than me.
 Narration: "My little brother" by Nathan Petrelli
(small text) Waaa, waaaa
Narration: I was an only child, but my little brother was born. He's seven years younger than me.
 Angela: "Nathan, do you love your little brother?"
Nathan: "Yeah. I really adore him."
(small text) glug, glug [sound of Peter swallowing]
 Peter: "Nathan, Nathan."
(small text) his first words
Narration: I've always wanted a little brother, so I'm so happy and I adore him so much I can't stand it.
 Angela (off screen): "How much do you love him?"
(small text) *burp*
Nathan: Let's see. I love him so much I want to eat him up!
 Narration: So this brother of mine can have a happy, decent life...
(small text lower right) Hang on tight!
(small text upper right) Yay, yay!
(small text upper left) Nathan, piggyback!
Narration: I plan to always be watching over him out of the corner of my eye. [literally "i plan to be double-faced to watch over him"]
 Narration: 1X years later...
(small text top right) Ah! Nathan, don't!
(small text top left) Peter, forgive me... I can't hold back any longer.
Narration: In another manner of speaking, he did eat him up.
 Peter: "...You call this a decent life?"
(small text) Sex with my brother...
Nathan: "You left out the 'happy' part, you know!"

Page 13

A brother's deep love, Part 2 ET
 Nathan: "You're telling me this is Peter?"
 Narration: Nathan takes Peter to kindergarten.
(small text lower right) shaa [whoosh]
(small text upper left) Go, Go, Nathan mobile, Go, Go! [This is a pun - "go" is how you refer to ships and other vehicles, so he says 'Go, go, Nathan-go, Go, go!]
 Simone: "Mr. Petrelli?"
(sound effect) basha [sound of paint splashing]
 Peter: "Nathan, go faster!"
Nathan: "Huh? It's dangerous, Peter!"
 (small text) su [sound of painting]
 Nathan (thoughts) "I hope we don't have an accident...!"
(sound effect) *byuu* [sound of accelerating bike]
Peter: "Wow! Nathan, you're cool! Cooool!"
 (sound effect) *whap*
Nathan: "Peter looks like this!"
 Nathan: "WHAAAAT!"
Narration: The moment he discovered his powers.

Page 14

 Signpost leading to big brother
 Caitlin(?): Look closely at the contents of this box. They'll help you get your memories back.
 Peter: "What's this?"
(small text) What about the photo with the shot of two people?
 Peter: "....."
 Peter: "Aah. NATHAN!"
Peter: "That's right. I had a big brother!"
Narration: Cruel.

Left-hand illustration:

(small text right) "Hey..."
(small text center) munya munya [sound of murmuring in sleep]
(small text left) Big brother... <3

Page 15

Text to right: Araki-style Peter. [translator's note: Araki Hirohiko is the manga-ka of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure.]
(Sound effect) boom boom boom boom
Peter: B-- big brother?

Page 16

Heroes life theater [I think it's more like human drama -translator]
Petrellin edition
Petrellin/Harry Presents
Bound print pack format
Text by your neighborhood Lawson [translator's note - 'kinjo no Lawson' or 'your neighborhood Lawson' is a convenience store in japan - I have no idea what this is about!]
Heroes S1~S3 All character book

*Please don't put this on Yahoo Auctions or any place where people who don't know doujinshi can see it.*

selphiealmasy8: joey ed 1selphiealmasy8 on October 26th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much for these and your kind words! I am off to read and enjoy so you'll know where I'll be!

If you want to post a link to the doujin scans please feel free! Us Heroes slash fans have got to stick together! ;)
La Cidiana: Heroes: WHAT THE HELL @ THESE ACTORSlacidiana on October 28th, 2009 09:36 am (UTC)
Oh my god, thank you so much for this! ♥♥♥!!! I know a teeeeeeeny bit of Japanese, but the only one I was able to read on my own was the Pedo-Loli one fffkdjfhaks. "NEIII-TAN NEIII-TAN" JUST ABOUT KILLED ME, THOUGH OMG.

Anyway, I'm burningvigor's friend, and we can't wait to try to scanlate the ones she got from selphiealmasy8 – with your help if you want, of course. 8D I'd also love to put your translations to these already-scanned pages if all parties involved were okay with it, though that'd have to be when I had more free time available maybe. D8
Tiptoe39: nihonjintiptoe39 on October 28th, 2009 12:58 pm (UTC)
I have no objection, but you will have to ask selphie... I think she will say yes, though. AND OMG NEITAN WAS ADORABLE <3 Thank you for commenting and reading! I have two doujin in my queue to translate, but I'm happy to add yours to the mix as long as you don't mind waiting a while.

Thanks <3
barhaven: Japanese Bossbarhaven on October 29th, 2009 08:34 am (UTC)
Holy crap! There ARE Heroes dounjinshi out there! I LIVE in Japan, and I haven't been able to find any Heroes doujins yet. (I've even found freaking HOUSE M.D. doujins, but Heroes? Nothing.)

Thanks for the translation, I'll have fun flipping through the scans later. Maybe I'll finally manage to turn up some Heroes doujins next time I'm in Tokyo. At least now I know they EXIST.
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 29th, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
Apparently they were really, really hard to find. I'm very lucky to have found the ones I did.

Say, you wouldn't be able to pick me up a copy of Cat Street #8 while you're there, would you? :-)

Where in Japan are you? I spent a year in Ishikawa-ken.
barhaven: ♥barhaven on October 30th, 2009 09:42 am (UTC)
I'm in Akita, pretty far in the deep dark depths of Tohoku. (And yet my Japanese still sucks, LOL.)

They MUST be hard to find. I scour the "Overseas drama/movie" section every time I go to a doujin store in Tokyo, and I haven't seen a single Heroes one yet. There's a ton of Supernatural, and even stuff like House and Prison Break and Knightrider (LOLWUT), but no Heroes. YET. It's like a treasure hunt through shelves and shelves of everything from silly chibified gag comics to insane bukakke pr0n, where the reward for your perseverance is hilarious slash.
Tiptoe39: samustiptoe39 on October 30th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
God, I loved the Nakano Mandarake. <3 At the time I collected cels, so I used to spend hours going through the bins there and at Anime World Star. That mall was like my favorite place on earth.

Also, my icon loves your icon.
barhaven: Take that!barhaven on October 30th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
OH MAN, I LOVE NAKANO BROADWAY! (Or is it Nanako Sun Mall now? I forget.) I can easily spend HOURS there every time I go to Tokyo, just browsing the all the Mandarake outlets and toy stores and doujins and other assorted awesomeness. It makes me so happy to know that someone else loves it as much as I do. :D

I have no more Metroid to offer. Here's some Phoenix Wright instead. OBJECTION!
.̷͇͈̭̱̦̬͖͖̘͉́ͮ̂̌ͣ̈̾̒͊͡boycunt on October 29th, 2009 01:15 pm (UTC)
If you want, could I possibly put this text on the actual pages? I'd credit, of course.
Tiptoe39: nihonjintiptoe39 on October 29th, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
It's fine with me, but you should also ask Selphie, who did the scanning. Also, there's been another request to do the same, so just be aware that other scanslations might show up.

Hope you liked!
The Supreme Court: [abyss] warmburningvigor on October 29th, 2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
Nice work on the translations! It was fun to see some clearer translations of pages that I didn't quite understand when I just glanced over it. Great work! :3
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 29th, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed!