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10 November 2009 @ 07:50 am
heroes_meta for Shadowboxing  

Heroism: the Anti-Drug.

1) How does Emma stand working in the hospital if she is all misty whenever there's an accident? I don't think it's sounds she sees... I think it's angst.

2) "The Italian Eagle Scout" :D

3) Guh, Snarky Matt rocks. OH GOD. Oh. Matt. OH GOD. DO ME.

4) Meanwhile, in the Bed We All wanna Be In... it remains as such even after the shapeshifting.

5) Why does Claire have a T-bar on her boobs?

6) Can Peter cure Emma's deafness? Would that ruin her power? Should I not be thinking of such things? Will Emma get Internal affairs all over her ass for trying to do stitches? And can we keep the babe?

7) OH FUCK. (ETA I don't even remember why I wrote this, but it's pretty universally applicable.)

8) Gorgeous creepy man in the sorority house and none of the girls are all over him? Sorority girl's FATHER in the house and nobody's all over HIM? SERIOUS BADASS in the house and nobody's all over HIM? Noah should be in the middle of Sorority Girls Gone Wild XVII right now. Or at least watching it through a sniper rifle.


10) I'm having flashbacks to the Batman "A Death in the Family" graphic novel.

11) "That's actually a really good plan." LOL

12) RENE?!?!?!

13) "The world is my hostage." WIN.


15) Think Claire is gonna wipe Gretchen's memory to keep her around?

16) Does this dorm have any security protocols? (ETA: ah, I see the visitor badge. Did Noah have one?)

17) CLAUDE reference FTW.

18) Matt, come on, think of something clever. You were so clever before. Just cause he killed a dude doesn't mean you can stop being clever.

19) D'oh, "you can move the earth" = explains the Lost Island carnival's universal location. "It's everywhere you want to be."

20) Becky is creepy fail.

21) Is the sorority house in the same building as Claire's dorm? Noah got there awfully fast.

22) Danko killed Joseph = couldn't we have known this earlier? They keep referring earlier seasons in throwaway lines. Oh well, at least it's continuity.

23) "Mama Petrelli." hee.

24) OH FUCK MATT DO ME BEFORE YOU GO PLEASE :D Talk about heroic <3

25) There's been a lot of gun-pulling this episode. Maybe it should have been named "Shadowshooting." Or "Bulletboxing." Or "The Episode With Lots of Guns."

26) OK, I find myself rooting for Peter and Emma to kiss now. THANK YOU SHOW FOR DOIN IT RIGHT FOR ONCE. When they're understated and don't push it, it's nice.

27) And Emma has a last name.


Have at it.
Ms Dref: Bliss - Noah/Clairebeardref22 on November 10th, 2009 01:46 pm (UTC)
Clairebear shirt was quite distracting.

I bet that's why Noah couldn't shoot Becky and Samuel.
Ally: Nathan Gardenilikethequiet on November 10th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmmm Mattt &hearts
jaune_chatjaune_chat on November 12th, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)
I have no idea what was up with Claire's shirt either. It was extremely strange. Did Hayden get to pick her own wardrobe or something?

Sorority Girls Gone Wild. That would have been awesome!

I love it when Matt's being clever. I especially love it when he's being snarky and clever at the same time TO SYLAR! The hate!sex would be epic! If, you know, one or the other of them wasn't a hallucination.

This is like the episode of names. We learn the Haitian's name, Emma's last name... names everywhere!

I know, I would totally want to be in that bed! With either guy! Or both! Um... sorry for the TMI... *shuffles away*