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01 December 2009 @ 09:22 am
Heroes_meta for The Fifth Stage  

I find myself really liking this episode despite my better judgment. It was well-written and the characterization was compelling. For once the show worked at a regular pace. It didn't rush everything. The realizations and plot moves felt precipitated.

Peter/Nathan/Sylar: So heartbreaking and the final scene on the rooftop! Nnnguh! AWWW and Sylar fell into the grasp of the Petrellihug so we could have one last three-hanky moment. Dear GOD! I'm dead! My tears they flow like waterfalls!

Claire/Samuel/Gretchen: Nice to see Gretchen showing more sense than Claire for once. Then again, what doesn't show more sense than Claire? (Who is now going to be called Kermit the Freak in my book.) And I really liked her little "you can't hurt us" bit. That was a decisive moment I could believe in. The problem is, what would Claire do in the carnival that wouldn't attract hordes of perverts who want to hurt barely-legal blondes?

I kind of wanted Claire to kiss Gretchen at the end... but that would probably have been more annoying if it happened.

Samuel/Claire dubcon? Hrm?

Also kind of like the idea that Samuel might be angling to raise the earth out of the ocean in the event of global warming, but he needs loads of people to be that powerful. But now it looks like he's just trying to make himself a Lex Luthor continent. Booo-ring.

And he did that breathy thing on the hhhome again.

P.S. Wasn't it daytime when Claire and Gretchen pulled up to the carnival? Or did I imagine that?

Noah/Lauren: I have so much more respect for Lauren now. She handled Noah nicely. "Who said anything about sex?" Sort of a smackdown to the fears that they were just trying to create a sexy bit for marketing. And that she was immediately suspicious that Noah was just trying again now that he's single. I do wonder though if she can actually look up people in a CIA database without that stuff getting logged. What if the CIA has flags planted on any search for a Special, a relic from the Danko days? Heh :D

Sorry so short. Y'all can have at it now.


Gimme some sugar, babies. :D
Ms Dref: B&W Noahdref22 on December 1st, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
GOOGLE MAPS!!! Even CIA agents use it!!!!!

I like Lauren and I feel all alone in this fandom. *sniff*

But I hated her mascara.
jaune_chatjaune_chat on December 2nd, 2009 02:34 am (UTC)
I honestly thought I was going to hate Lauren, but the bit about no!sex and shutting Noah down for trying to go out with her now that he's single, I think I fell in love with her more than a little. Seriously, that was kind of awesome.

Claire decisive moment was very cinematic and decisive, and I liked it for what it was, but my lord, she is a foolish, easily led little girl.
Ms Dref: Claire-the-Cheerleader-Teddy-Bear...creedref22 on December 2nd, 2009 06:50 am (UTC)
LOL, I definitely agree. And she still flirted with him, I thought this made it more awesome. :D

Clairebear...She's been smart lately. What happened to her? D: