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21 January 2010 @ 10:35 pm

1) Totally leery of any mental health issues ever depicted on television. The myths are still so harmful. But I'll just let that stand.

2) Kind of relieved for the boys that they get to tell the truth so freely, even if no one believes them. Although I do admit that the Wraith was right, it was kinda advertising their presence to any savvy monsters.

3) "His name is Castiel. He wears a trenchcoat." = Needs to be an icon.

4) Uh, oh, a hunter that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. >.>

5) "Dangerously codependent." In other words, the doctor ships it. OK, who thought they were going to pretend to be having an incestuous moment in the morgue? I was hoping... but... that would have been bad huh? I'm glad they didn't go there, but it didn't help me hoping for a moment they would. Aw, give me a breaaak.

6) My personal canon is that Dean enjoyed his exam more than he let on. "She was very thorough." Hrmmm. You don't look displeased.

7) Hannibal impression = freaky. Don't do that again.

8) "Theraped"? Really? Yowch.

9) OK, Sam should have been a doctor. He needs to get him some medical skillz. Between the corpse-cutting and the Dr. Sexy surgery, he is just.. rmm. Medical mojo.

10) PUDDING? Seriously? Seriously? That's the best you could do, dude? Um, what does it say that you chose that word while displaying that organ? I'm just saying.

11) LOL, Sam was all "Lady, we're just two episodes from Becky, I can't handle this much chest rubbage."

12) "You've had worse?" SRSLY? OUCH. Please see icon.

13) I have to admit, this ep had me going. I was all, "What is this? Is it War returned and fucking with people's perceptions? Is it Martin? Is it Doctor Boobuses? What's going on here?" And then I was all *HEADSMACK* I forgot all about Nurse Anal! DUNNNHHH.


15) OK, everyone else can have their pudding line... for me the best part of this ep was Adorable Sam Being Adorable. I could have lived without the boop, but before that, it was perfect. <3

16) Anyone else think they might run into Asylum!Buffy?

17) Proud of Dean for figuring out crazy was the clue. Smart Dean is smart.

18) So we've got the following going on now: The boys are deciding how to deal with the emotional tumult in their lives. Their resolve is weakening. We're getting hints that the weight of their obligations is wearing them down. Maybe the real crisis for them is with themselves, with figuring out how much they can take on and how much they need to set aside. This seems kind of in tune with something I read about what a potential Season 6 would be like, that (if it happens) they're going to scale things down, bring it back to something more personal. I like that. I think that would work well.

19) NO CAS IN THE PREVIEW :=( :=( But the bodyswap ep which I have heard about is good. Bring us back some Cascas soon thanks much kbai.
Tangles: Deanentangled_now on January 22nd, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
Anyone else think they might run into Asylum!Buffy?

I would have watched that episode so hard!
Tiptoe39: sad samtiptoe39 on January 22nd, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)

Sam: "I started the apocalypse."
Buffy: "Which time?"
Sam: "...."
aisalynnaisalynn on January 22nd, 2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Tiptoe39: sad samtiptoe39 on January 23rd, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
Inorite? They better have a chance to let their better angels win out, and by that I don't actually mean their angels. (>.>)

They're still so beautiful <3