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19 December 2003 @ 09:53 am
And now it is time...  
..yes, folks, it's that time of year again... time for me to post insane Christmas carols based on something I've been watching recently. Last year it was Gravitation... the year before that it was Hanadan... but this year we take a break from the animated goodness to bring you....
Buffy Christmas Carols!
:laughing my ass off:

(to the tune of Silent Night)
Cranky Spike,
Lonely Spike,
Got his soul,
Hates his life.
Wants a Slayer
remembers his crimes.
Acts all crazy
(well most of the time).
But when Buffy is thro-ough,
He'll hang out with Angel and crewwww.

(to the tune of Hark the Herald Angels Sing)
"What?" the goofy Anya sings.
"I don't know a goddamn thing!
While I act just like a child
My crazy questions drive you wild.
Why is Buffy shagging Spike?
Can't she find a guy she likes?
But if he's such a good screw,
Maybe I will try him too!
Who needs a good 'vengeance' fix?
I got mine in season six!" (repeat)

(to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer")
Xander got run over by a vampire,
God, his masochism never ends.
You may say he's just completely spineless...
But look how he gets treated by his friends!

And of course there are other goodies, such as "I Saw Willow Kissing Tara, Oz!"
but my favorite is this little doozy:

On the first Buffy season,
Joss Whedon gave to me:
A hottie Slayer named Buffy.

On the second Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Spike being nasty
and an Angel to bail out Buffy.

On the third Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Faith's Boston accent,
Oz playing guitar,
and a promgoing, senior Buffy.

On the fourth Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Sex up the wazoo,
Gay love for Willow,
Psychotic androids,
and a boring boyfriend named Riley.

On the fifth Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Dawn on the scene!
Psycho goddess Glory,
Angel's cameo,
Dracula (for fun),
and a grave for Buffy and Mommy.

On the sixth Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Post-hell depression,
Poor Spike in love!
Jilted at the altar,
Three stupid thieves,
Meaningless sex
And the catfight: Willow and Buffy.

On the seventh Buffy season
Joss Whedon gave to me:
Dawn a-startin' highschool,
Spike a-ravin' looney,
Who knows what else?
Never saw the season,
Don't know the details,
but one thing's for sure,
There will never be another Buffy!
The Soul is:: goofy
Phil Mfuiru on January 3rd, 2005 08:09 pm (UTC)
heh, been Netflixing all the Buffy DVDs, just finished second volume of season 7. Love the song... will have to show it to my gf.

hmm, how late is this comment, anyhoo? :)