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10 July 2010 @ 02:08 pm
CON REPORT: Matt Cohen  
Since my phone sucks, I'm gonna type up stuff at panels and post it later.

Here's a partial rundown of Matt Cohen's saturday panel.

Matt Cohen established on Friday that he'd hug everyone who asked a question. He's doing it again today and after a while he got sweaty and said "I think I'm going to have to lose this black shirt soon." He DID NOT EXPECT the cheers he got for that. "Wow, guys, could I be any redder right now?" He said he was having such a good time. "Got up, was tired, 'let's get up and hang out with Supernatural fans, and now i'm all RRRR!"

Thanks the fans for his career. "I'm grateful every day."

"I'm hanging on to a dream."

He's a huge fan of Rob Zombie's work. Loved House of 1,000 Corpses.

He paints!!! He uses black purple and red.
He goes spear fishing in California.

He wasn't aware of the Cupid reveal, not sure how that affects Young John. Kripke is aware when he writes the dialog of this stuff.

People keep asking about favorite movies and movie scenes. He loves the dentist scene from Final Destination II.

He just said something about "how he handles a man." talking about JDM and then suddenly realized what he says. He says JDM is rugged but when you look into his eyes there's compassion and "one hell of a soul."

Just played "what if the Impala was the Volkswagen Bus" and pretended to pick up Mary "in this sweeeeet" ride.

He totally speeded in the Impala.


He says convention is "awesome" so far. "you guys, without using curse words, rock."

He played football in HS, would memorize rap songs as monologues for drama class b/c it was last period on friday and he was lazy about it.

He always wanted to be a football star. Got the pity-effort award every year.

"High school is probably the most difficult part of your life... just do the right thing."

Perfect attendance since second grade. Coached everyone to stay in school. "Work your butts off. It's so, so worth it."

He likes every genre of music. Is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Loves her composure despite her fame.

Complains of being sweaty, doesn't expect the wolf whistles, laughs.

He doesn't watch TV, he's a discovery channel guy.

The minute he booked SPN he watched every episode and was blown away.

Keeps thanking his fans. So sweet. My husband remarks that he's made himself some fans for life. I tend to agree.
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Tiptoe39: Cas smilestiptoe39 on July 12th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
I got a bunch of hugs from him so I will mail you one ;P Why no I'm not rubbing it in.