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10 July 2010 @ 06:54 pm
CON REPORT: Aldis Hodge  

aldis is sweet on stage now. looks gorgoeus.
(wans to know about work on leverage)
it's terrible, they feed us all day, i have a trailer...
we're family.
it's a wonderful experience to be a part of.
everybody is there to do good work.
(enjoys hardison/eliot's banter. do you have a conspiracy theory? a la three days of the hunter job)

i don't think we should be paying taxes. ten billion dollars a month on the war? i got a family to feed!!

both his parents are former marines.
mom was in intelligence "i know a few things... "

i'd put hardison on SPN. "see if i can't hack a horror story"
he is designing watches?

i appreciate honesty and loyalty in a person. i try to be honest.
i would rather not interact with people who don't deserve loyalty.
"especially when i am in a relationship with a little miss thing. "
"i know you wasn't at your mama's, i was just there!"
pet peeve is people who don't appreciate what they have.
does he adlib? "do i ever!"
it's something they've had to get used to over the years.
it's part of our jobs as actors. We have to play with our ingredients.
rule is "give em one straight, and then give 'em hell."
he's building an electric violin??
did you play a violin on the show. Yes, but you have to play to a track when you're filming.
he's doing stick fighting training. has been a martial artist since age 6.
i love discipline and that it's about respect.

Talks about a character "chaos"
"chaos" and hardison have a personal moment - don't take this the wrong way - with my van.
this time around, chaos is running the show. a lot more of his hijinks.
mark sheppard is a class act. he's been with us since the first season. he's just a genius at what he does, i love the way he portrays his characte r- honest subtlety to it.

we need to have him on some more.

if you had any other role what would it be?
i don't really know.
maybe the thief.
"sometimes i just like to steal."

are you tech savvy like hardison?
well, well, well... i'm learning. i'm more gears, nuts and bolts. i'm more acclimated to build.
i used to design cars, but when it comes to computers...
how much of aldis is in hardison? you see quite a bit of my personality there b/c of the improve. because i get to add as much of my humor as i can to the character.
it's a good 50/50.

from dark jake to "geek chic" hardison.
it's easy to play a dark character cause i live in hollywood.
even if you play two dark characters they're still very different. i want to surprise myself.
i'm waiting for the role where i say "i don't know that's me!"

he didn't expect nathan fillion to be as fun as he was. when he guested on castle. it was a new show and sometimes it's very very excited. there's an energy there.
"and i didn't kill anybody!"
so yay, my mom was happy.

do you and beth have the same relationship as parker/hardison?
"not the same kind! starting rumors, girl!"
the first thing they did was go shopping.
she's very sweet and bubbly.

talks to his mom about experience playing military roles.

"which psychic kid would you want to be?"
sam, because he came back!

tired now gonna stop transcribing...

(Deleted comment)
Tiptoe39: good fortune - DWtiptoe39 on July 12th, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
He was so sweet and awesome, and there's so much of Hardison in him. I loved hearing him and meeting him.