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11 July 2010 @ 01:28 pm
CON REPORT: Katherine Boucher panel  
I was in line for most of Samantha Smith's panel and couldn't transcribe it, but Katherine Boucher was pretty awesome.

Before the panel they have a poll up, what is your favorite season? Season 4 is winning, followed by 2, 5, 3, and then 1. I don't have a favorite. The show in general makes me happy in my happy place.
Katherine was just talking about the aura of jared's muscles.....
she's so peppy and cute.
"all i see is tiny lights everywhere." re: cameras.
q: how did you transform previous "little girls" to adult.
A: I was 7 when they called me, and went to a hormone doctor and got injections and grew up for the part.
I watched the other episodes with the girls and i recreated it using my imagination of what that would look like. you allow the kid part of yourself to come out while also being 'bad and sexy.'

Q: if you could be lilith what would you do?
A: You mean i'm not? I don't know if Id want to be Lilith. She doesn't have a lot of friends.
When your diet consists of babies I'd think it'd get a little boring. "when your man is locked up... I think you'd get a little frustrated."
Q: liith's hwhole otivation is to die.
(she laughs)
Q: it was the happiest death scene ever, how did you play it?
A: so happy kripke directed that episode. he coached me through it. "It was a lot of Eric."
Q: How much fun weas it being evil to J2?
A: "What do you think?" I was afraid of Jensen when I started. He's really intimidating. Jared is really sweet and was running lines with me, his dogs came in, right from the get-to he was "HEY YOU'RE FROM TEXAS" and I was like "YEAH MUSCLES" XDDD
Jensen didn't come in until halfway through our first scene, and I don't know why, and I said HI I'M KATHERINE and he said ...hey.... and I was OMG I DON'T WANNA WORK ON THIS.... But I felt protected by Jared's body, so it was ok.

They never pranked her. This is one thing that I feel cheated, robbed. I'm gonna bring it up with the network.
she will prank them, "paint their dogs pink."
Q: what other char would you be?
A: CASTIEL. (cheers.) b/c his job is so fun. and he's so conflicted all jk
(she does an impression)
"i wanna help you i can't help you i wanna help you i can't help you.... FREE BLOWJOBS."
Q: If you could have dinner with any three ppl and why.
A: Sting, cause he's sexy. Jesus. Maya Angelou.
Q: Interesting Dinner
A: And then we would get up and do karaoke.
Q: what frustrated you on-set?
A: In the seasn finale when i am reading the book and take the bowl. the line I delivered. Eric had a specific idea of how I should deliver the line and I couldn't do it, and we did it over and over and over... Most directors will take what they get after a few takes but eric will do it for two days, he doesn't care! But we got through it and I still like the guy.
Q: What show would you be a fangirl for?
A: Doctor Who.
Q: Which Doctor?
A: I'll save that for the next convention. I haven't watched enough yet.
Also, I am a fangirl for Jensen. It's true.
Q: Where did you get your shoes.
A: she models them, does high kics so we can see.
These are the shoes that I booked the role in .
They're my lucky demon shoes. I think I got them at DSW.
Q: what was your favorite guest spot?
A: My favorite was Heroes. The director I worked with was amazing. Having a chance to play arussian again, but to do it as a real person.
Q: how was it to seduce Sam
A: That was HARD for me. I had to mentally prepared for that for days.
I was actually really nervous. B/c his muscles actually emit their own aura. His muscles have their own lifeform.
Q: A lot of takes?
A: Not enough.
Q: What mythological monster or creature would you be? On the show or otherwise.
A: Medusa, b/c why not, man? Crazy hair!
And a dragon. I'm reading the Hobbit right now. Dragons are bad-A.
Q: What are you afraid.
A: Other than Jensen and Jared's muscles... Flying. I'm afraid of flying. You should be glad I'm here, cause I did not sleep a wink on that plane yesterday.
Q: What work do you have in the pipeline coming up?
A: I'm working on an indie film with Jim Kerik [sic] from True Blood. He was the siren in SPN. I'm working on a couple of things for Funnyordie.com. That's such an awesome site, it's so stupid and so funny.
Q: You said you would do karaoke and can you sing and would you?
A: *sings* I haaaate karaokeeeeeeeee.... I hate it with a passsionnnnnnnnnnnnn....!
I'm a perfectionist and I wanna be good so I get nervous. It's really bad.
We'd sing "I've got friends in low places." But I'd have to be drunk and it'd still be awful.
Q: Is it hard to see w/white contacts?
A: I didn't have to wear contacts. They used CGI to white out my eyes.
Q: How did you get the role? You don't seem like an evil killer demon.
A: **blank** I got the sides and she seemed like she had some serious emotional issues. So I did my preparation - I create some bad childhood memories and lived in those for about 45 min, imagining my mother burning at the stake.... and... then I went into the audition and said "Hello, Sam" (creepy voice) and that's how I got the role! (all smiley.)
Q: What show would you be on present or past?
A: But... I've been on Supernatural! Actually I'm watching The Riches. You have to see this show. It's so good. I'd want to be on that.
Q: how was jackie chan?
A: He was awesome. I learned that it takes a lot of hard work to be anywhere you want to be in life and you have to work for years. He's the hardest-working people I know. and so nice! There are a lot of people who aren't nice... "and they should be shot!"
she talks about a show called lazytown. a kids' show.
Q: Do you enjoy playing good roles or psychotic.
A: All the roles are fun. Everything I do is a dream come true. It's hard to be an actor. THIS part is fun, but there's a lot of people competing, and like anything, it's hard to do. Anything I do it's fun to do, good or bad roles. Victim-y roles are fulfilling b/c it might affect people who are in a bad situation, and the bad-evil stuff is exciting b/c i get to be a kid again.
Q: We're told Crowley is Lilith's right-hand-man/lover. Would you want to work with him in a scene?
A: What would you want us to DO in that scene.
Actually I hadn't heard this. I wouldn't have a problem. ... does he have muscles?
Q: Well, he's British...
A: OK, done, we're good. Call him now.
Q: When did you dcide when you wanted to act, and where do you see yourslef in 10 years?
A: OSCAR, baby!
I've always been singing and dancing since I was a kid. I knew-knew-knew when I first came out to La and started doing it that it really sunk in.
She makes fun of someone in the audience who is listening very intently.
When I was in theater in high school it was a getaway for me,and a refuge, and I was the head of the costume dept, and makeup....
Q: When did you go from being intimidated by Jensen to being afangirl?
A: Welllllll.... welllll ummmm.... *she makes fangirly noises.*
So he wasn't nice to me the first time I was there and then when I came back to die, then he was nice. Hehehe. (giggles more)
Q: How do you REALLY feel about Jared's muscles?
A: This is no joke. IT'S ALL MUSCLE. THE WHOLE THING. *she gapes* There's a scene, and I'm sitting on the bed, pat pat, and he's RIGHT HERE, and I have to stroke up his leg. I WAS AFRAID HIS LEG WAS GOING TO EAT MY HAND.
Before I start, I have a favor to ask. has us say hi to her friend's kids on video.
"Awesome, now you all get to be in SAG."
It's summer, not a lot to report. I think no one should have to work in July and August. "And when I'm president...."
Not doing a lot of work. enjoying being a mom. I enjoyed being scary. "I get the impression Scary Mary wasn't too popular."
Q: Did having your son help in the scene when you were talking to Dean in Dark Side of the Moon?
A: It really did! I realized doing that scene how I would talk to my kid. I tease my kid mercilessly. It's a complex thing of emotions with your kid.
Q: Is it hard when you're Mary and Sam or Dean is in the scene and you have to ignore them?
A: YES! It's weird because he's not small. And he makes faces.

Again, will try and edit at a later time.