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11 July 2010 @ 05:28 pm
CON REPORT: Rob Benedict panel  

Last panel of the day. Fangirls have showed up for Rob which is pretty cool. I still maintain he looks nothing like his photo. In person he looks just like Chuck. So cute and scruffy. He was wearing a gray jacket at the breakfast this morning.
Comes in pumping his fist.

He's very happy.

"So here we are in New Jersey" asks where people are from. Says he's nervous, talks into the water bottle.

I heard about the free hugs, I heard about people asking for articles of clothing.

Q: How did you get the inspiration for Downtown Letdown. (the song)
A: I was shooting a movie in St. Louis. I'm from there. One of the actors was this guy who was in a funk he couldn't get out of it, he was a drama... queen (laughs). I think he was trying to do a James Dean thing. So it's a song about living in pessimism. And then at the end the sun rises.

Q: Burning question: IS CHUCK GOD?
A: It seems to be that the popular opinion is that Chuck is God. I think that's what the writers had in mind. That's the popular interpretation. I talked to Kripke about it. And he says this should be open to interpretation, let the fans interpret it. I'm down with that, but we need an answer. My takes is that Chuck is Eric, and Eric is God of Supernatural.
He never thought about the Jesus -- Mary Magdalene (mistress magda) he said it 15 times and never realized.
I don't wanna cheat by sayin yeah I'm god, think there's more to it.
I'm not back yet in this season but.... I think I will be back. once you're god you can't be all WHAT'S UP GUYS. It'd make it really Cheese Whiz.
It's a big topic.

Q: You play a dorky nervous man. Other roles you're a jerk. What's easier, "awkward and awesome," or mean?
A: I'd much rather play awkward and awesome, I'm addicted to being liked, but there's something freeing to play an asshole, too, to play the guy who doesn't care. After they yell cut I am all "was that OK? i'm sorry!!"

Q: if you were felicity, ben or noel?
A: you date ben and you marry noel. In real life (the ben actor) is a friend.
Q: I'd pick richard.
A: AWWW nobody picks richard!

(he drinks coke, goes 'ahh, awesome.')

Q: Did you know from the beginning you'd end up so important? And also, Dean's necklace was around chuck, but Cas said in the presence of God it'd burn, so....?
A: I don't know the answer to that. We can mine that and figure something out. I didn't know anything but that he was a prophet, and then I got the script and I read it and I wasn't even sure and... i flew up and the guy who picked me up says "So you're God!" Apparently there were scenes deleted from the draft that made it clearer. I called Eric and said SRSLY? And we talked about it, and we shot it, and I worried the fans wouldn't get it but then "the message boards were all aflutter." Its fun to go back and see what he said.
In terms of the necklace, maybe they were just wrong!

Q: Something about his band's mailing list says we'll do ice cream and a bike ride... she asks him to pony up.
A: Well, we'll do it. We did a live webchat, we did a web live. If we can find a way to do virtual ice cream and virtual bike rides -- we've been talking to creation, we want to play at a convention!! (cheers) and if that happens, you better hold those guys to that.

Q: What's the difference between real cons and the con in the show?
A: Right after that was my very first convention in Chicago, My first thought was wow, there were a lot more people here. And there were a lot more guys in the TV version and more costumes. And obviously no ghosts and nobody dying in real life.
I've been blown away by every one of these. You guys are "crazy but in a good way and so am i, p.s., so we're all crazy together."

Q: What does Jensen say about your scenes with Danneel?
A: She was great, she's so incredibly hot. they said give her a real kiss, I'm like YOU GOT IT. This was before SPN. So I do SPN and she's on set. And Jensen... "a big fella..." and he introduced us - oh we worked together - oh right, i haven't seen that! - and he was like "oh, you don't need to see that, it's no good." XXXDDD

Q: I loved you on Birds of Prey, did you like doing superpowers?
A: It was awesome, I'd love to do more. I find myself working in this genre a lot because I think I am drawn to it.

Q: Any plans to play (your band) on east coast?
A: We wanted to play this convention and then do an east coast tour, didn't happen, "We'll be on the east coast soon, for sure." Offers to sign CDs. Says his CD is not bad, gives a sheepish grin, it's so cute.

Q: What book would you like to see come true, or write and come true?
A: I loved the Martian Chronicles (bradbury). That's about Mars taking over and everyone having to leave the earth and colonize Mars. My son's reading the Magic Tree house books. I'd love to see that come to life. That'd be fun! This life I'm living now is 'pretty fricking crazy.'
I'm a big geek fan of Star Wars. I loved the latest Star Trek.

Q: A lot of improv in Waiting?
A: Yeah. A lot of ad libs on the phone. A lot of the back and forth was improv. But there was hilarious stuff. It's very dark humor but I'm glad people got it.
(He discusses a "penis-showing game" that's in the movie.) You gotta see it. I've never played but I get a lot of requests. .. "that's OK bro, I'm good, but thanks for comin' out." he makes a lot of silly faces in this, it's fun to watch.

Q: What was your reaction to the 5x22 script
A: Reading it loving it, the writing is so good, and... I disappear? What? Am I dead? We always talk about how on this show nobody's safe. It was a fun reveal but then... you're gone. So I was flattered and excited... I hope I get to come back, I love the Chuck character.

Q: How else would you want it to end for Chuck?
A: Not end, keep coming back! I loved the future with the toilet paper. I love that he's turned into Radar. I love the idea that he's a useful member of the team, but not fighting anyone, just... pullin' for you guys!

Q: Do you like movies or TV better?
A: No preference, but there's something gratifying about doing a movie. Even though you don't know how it'll be received. A TV show is different b/c you know people will see it. It's a different beat. Movies are hard work, sometimes you don't get the payback of it being seen. You don't have as much control. In a TV show it's a well-oiled machine... A pilot is more similar to movies than TV. To me it comes from the same place. I like the challenge of it, I like doing it.

Q: Compare Abrams, Kripke.
A: They're similar, so is Whedon. They're way younger than they should be, or look that way. They're incredibly smart. Being in a conversation with JJ you want to hit the slow mo button. They're all three the same way, so brilliant, so inspired all the time.

Q: In your first ep, cas says "you should have seen Luke," Soooo was Chuck all the prophets?
A: That could be. That makes sense. If he's god, he created all that. And Jesus was god,and a prophet too. He could be whatever he wanted to be. If Chuck's going to come back it has to be the right time, you can't have him just walk in the door. That could be, that he's all of the above. It's trippy.

Q: Did you lord it over J2?
A: I didn't have the chance! They were gone by the time I shot that scene. Next time I'm gonna rub it in. Unless Jensen has seen (the movie with Danneel) in which case I'm gonna wait a bit.

Q: So what was going on between Chuck and Becky before the convention? If she stole his cell phone from his pants.
A: "When two grown people..." (laughs) They probably did a lot of webchatting... and then they probably went on some dates.
Q: She still liked Sam, though!
A: Yeah, she was using him, but then through that episode she saw what it was about Chuck, and I finally got the girl! Yess!

Q: Did you watch the show before you auditioned?
A: I'd seen bits and pieces, and then I got the part, and i went back and watched the eps Chuck references, and since then I've become a fan and watched a lot. In auditions you have to make a choice and guess what the world is like, and the visions matched. I had to ask J&J too about what I missed. And how to pronounce demon names. "But I'm a fan. For sure."

This is the best show that people don't know about.

Q: Did you know you were auditioning to be a prophet?
A: Ahh-- (the microphone squawks) ... I'm nothing like Chuck, you can tell. (laughter)
I did know. But that ep said "to be continued..." and I thought sweet! And then they say every ep ends that way and I was all "...Oh. Well, that's OK..."

Q: My mom's in love with you (awwwww) Have the boys pulled pranks on you or vice versa?
A: No, they're good with me. i don't know why.
Audience: B/c you're god!
A: I'm so little, they're so tall, they take me under their wing. I'm always hanging out in their trailers ... "...and then we make sweet love."
Audience: Do you play twister with them? (this is a reference to an earlier panel)
A: "I know about you guys!" "just put on the van morrison and see what happens."
I thought it was because they respected me but now i think it's just cause I'm so little.
Their drivers played a prank on me. I walked in on Jensen's dogs once. Drivers laughed at me.

Q: More adlibs (from the tail end of the convention episode) on the blooper reel?
A: Oh yeah there's way more, I hope they show it. He'd written like 2 pages of stuff Chuck should say.

Q: Favorite Star Trek series/character?
A: Classic. Others were good, even exceptional, but the first one... I have this memory of being a kid, up past my bedtime, watching it, feeling really transported. And then I'm older and -oh this is bad.- but then i saw it was genius.
Maggie: Mishamwmm23 on July 11th, 2010 10:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you for all these posts! They've been a great read. I love Rob, he's so awesome ♥
Tiptoe39: gabriel awesometiptoe39 on July 12th, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
He truly is! I wanted to take him home by the end of it. What a sweetie.
(Deleted comment)
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on July 13th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
it was absolutely my pleasure! If only I could afford to go to more of these, I'd gladly type my fingers to the bone and then run out and post five minutes later. Ah, to be a journamalist... lol.

It was so inspiring to be around all these creative people. God, I just wanted to write and act and sing and vid and do everything creative all at once. Rob was so personable and sweet, too. When he got to our table at the breakfast, he was instantly everyone's best friend. Not all intimidating like the MishMish. (who was intimidating because his eyelashes were a mile long and guh guh mcguh. Did I mention, btw? I ate from his ice cream bowl after he left it at our table and held the spoon aloft and said INDIRECT KISS! Shades of that apple @ the end of the HYD series, lol!)

OK now I'm just babbling. I need to sleeeeeep.