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11 August 2010 @ 03:19 am
From Twitter 08-10-2010  

  • starting to feel significantly better. almost caught up on tags, too. Now all I want to do is eat the world.
  • Seen in provincetown: gabriel's guest house. Also old cemeteries, winding streets, gay culture. Fic, anyone?
  • More from ptown: a drag queen cinema, a store named id, and, i kid you not, seaman's bank.
  • And we've discovered a local legend about the ghost of a pirate's bride. Fic ahoy!
  • Home from p'town now, glad you guys liked the splashes of local color :D
  • HoMG today's comment fic. *goes to make trouble*
  • There was randomly an issue of the Comic-Con TV Guide in the P'town grocery. So I now own one. I guess this makes me special-ish.
  • omg @ontd_spnparty just rocked my world 3 times. Just saying.
  • telescope did not want to show me pretties tonight. That makes me sadfais and act all crankypants. Bad telescope.

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