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30 September 2010 @ 11:07 am
September Twitfic Challenge!  
This month I participated in imisspadfoot21's Twitfic Challenge. With about a half-dozen exceptions, I wrote a Twitfic on a different theme for every day of September.

Here they are:

9/1 (Pets): Crowley is firmly of the opinion that pets should be useful as well as adorable. For instance, his doubles as an arsenal.

9/2 (Day Job): Sam sometimes wishes he were still working in the Stanford dining hall. At least when you punch a clock, it doesn't punch back.

9/3 (Romantic Gesture): He understood that Castiel meant it as a romantic gesture, but honestly, Dean would have just as soon stayed on the ground.

9/4 (Family Reunion): "Nice to see you again, too, Castiel. Oh, come on. What's with that look?" "...Last time you duct-taped my mouth."

9/4 (Family Reunion): Sam had braced himself for the cut of the silver knife when they met again. It was the look in Dean's eyes that hurt.

9/5 (Food): It isn't just sugar. Gabriel likes super-spicy, too. He's partial to salsa. wasabi -- anything with a helluva kick, like him.

9/5 (Food): Sam spent 180 Tuesdays eyeing the pancakes but abstaining. Wednesday he ate em. After that, he lost his sweet tooth altogether.

9/6 (Amnesia): Their first sign that Gabriel was alive was Dean's sudden outburst: "Dude, you're talking about monsters like they're real."

9/6 (Amnesia): Post-heaven amnesia was a pain in Pamela's ass. No, really. Every single time, Dean had to be told, "Not so damn hard!"

(I skipped 9/7 - Black Tie and 9/8 - Social Networking)

9/9 (Classic Rock): It's almost enough to call things into question, but Dean gives up and lets Sam and Cas rock out to Bon Jovi occasionally.

9/10 (Flying or Wings): Without the tin can, it's totally different. Maybe it's Cas' body warm against his. But this kind of flying feels natural.

(I skipped 9/11 - Marriage)

9/12 (Mirror): Sometimes when he looked in the mirror, Sam saw a stranger. But it was far more disturbing when he knew he was seeing himself.

(I skipped 9/13 - Camping, 9/14 - Kidnapping or Bondage, and 9/15 - Lyrics/Poem)

9/16 (RPS or Human!AU): On one hand Misha was glad his Cas voice turned Jensen on. On the other hand, his throat shouldn't be sore after sex.

9/17 (Supernatural Creatures for Hire): What happens when a hunter dies and no one's there to cremate the body? Ask the only ghost hunter who's also a ghost.

9/18 (Hunting or Case!Fic): If Castiel hadn't asked what the dildo was for, Sam and Dean never would have realized that's where the hex bags were. Lucky.

9/19 (Teacher/Teaching): Dean aimed to teach Castiel all about being human. But maybe he was the one learning what it was to feel.

9/20 (Drinking): The sign said "Know Your Limits," so Cas made sure to note at which point he started seeing double and getting pissy.

9/21 (Trench Coat): Dean warned Castiel not to fold up his wet pant legs. But it took the woman's scream of "flasher!" for Cas to get the point.

9/22 (Goodbye): Castiel didn't suck at goodbyes in general. He chose to suck at that one because a real one would have hurt too much.

9/23 (Historical!AU or Crossover): Traveling in time didn't hurt nearly so much, Cas discovered, when he just let the guy in the bowtie do it for him.

9/24 (Games): Strip poker didn't impress Gabriel much. Bodies were bodies. But he found some more interesting things to bet with.

9/25 (Bad Habits/Addictions): Bringing each other back from the dead had become an addiction. Maybe they were becoming what they used to fight.

9/26 (Showers/Bubbles/Water): The bubble burst in front of Castiel's face; he jumped back, hissing. "You're a CAT," Sam observed with a grin.

9/27 (Around the World): Great thing about marrying an angel? You could do a world-tour honeymoon without paying a dime for airfare.

9/28 (Round-Robin): Jabber_Moose and I did a round-robin twitfic set:
tiptoe39: A lot of things bugged Dean about Castiel. But if he had to pick one thing that pissed him off more than anything else, it'd be
Jabber_Moose: the guy's inability to say what he meant in ways that anyone else in the world could understand. Was it really that hard to
tiptoe39: say he was uncomfortable with being Dean's wingman? But no, the minute Dean started hitting on the cute girl Cas suddenly said
Jabber_Moose: "I would like to know your expectations of your evening with Dean. I assume you understand this will only be one night, however
tiptoe39: I think it's important that you not harbor any illusions about an extended relationship, for both his sanity and yours." Dean
Jabber_Moose: nearly choked. Apparently, having Cas as a 'wingman' was asking too much, but he didn't expect Cas to be a total cockblocker
tiptoe39: much less to scare the crap out of the girl. He grabbed Cas by the arm and shot the girl a quick smile. "Excuse me." Outside,
Jabber_Moose: Cas gave Dean a calm, unruffled stare. "The girl needed to understand there would be no expectations, Dean. You are, after all,
tiptoe39: a very busy man with a lot on your shoulders. I would hate to see you..." He gave a furtive stare. "...distracted." But he was
Jabber_Moose: less concerned with Dean being swayed by a woman physically, than on an emotional level. Dean cared deeply, & though admirable
tiptoe39: in a general sense, that could lead to problems if he became so attached to someone who wasn't aware of the life he led. If he
Jabber_Moose: allowed himself that attachment, she would become a likely casualty in this war. He was unsure if Dean's emotional state could
tiptoe39: withstand losing someone else he had allowed himself to grow attached to. But there was something else, too, a feeling that he
Jabber_Moose: found himself unable to name. It went beyond Dean's well being, as well as the girl's. It was something deep, personal and very
tiptoe39: scary. So maybe Dean didn't understand why he was, as Dean called it, cockblocking. Castiel himself didn't much get it, either.

9/29 (Rare Pairings/Unusual Partnership): What would the various fangirls think, Misha wondered, if they were to see him here backstage with Matt en flagrante?

9/30 (Free-for-all): "What's a free-for-all?" "It means," Becky explained, "people can write about whatever they want." "That sounds... dangerous."

{ embracing the storm }: SPN: Dean/Casmithrel on September 30th, 2010 03:36 pm (UTC)
These are awesome! I especially love 2 through 4, the first "amnesia" one, 9, 17, 20, 22 (*wibble*) 23 (Dr. Who, OMG!), 26, and 28-30. Wow, that's...about half. Hm. Ah, well.
Darkamber: grindarkamber on September 30th, 2010 08:18 pm (UTC)
Hee! So many great ones! Especially like 9/23 - Eleven!
Tiptoe39: good fortune - DWtiptoe39 on September 30th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it tickled!