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13 October 2010 @ 07:05 am
Random Sam/Gabriel - "Dawn"  
For pandionpandeus as a gift. This is a sequel to the ficlet I wrote here, although I switched up the tenses between that and this. Tenses, you are my mortal enemy and I hate you.

This is a tad esoteric but I like the mood. Enjoy...


Even the motels here are breezy and surrounded by sand. They get the cheapest room, and it's a damn sight better than they're used to. The beds smell fresh. The window opens onto the beach. That means that when Sam wakes up -- with a bolt of sunlight prying his eyes open -- it's far too early.

He's still kind of remembering Gabriel's face yesterday, that peaceful, serene look. If there was one thing he never thought he'd see on Gabriel's face, it's serenity. And the things he said, the whole concept that they all came from water-- they give Sam something like hope. He doesn't like thinking of blood and bone and DNA. Too thick, too solid. If he was born of the waves, that means he's fluid. He can be anything, he can form any shape. His future is wide open.

Maybe he's got Gabriel to thank for that, he thinks as he crosses to the window. God knows where the guy has got to during the night -- while he and Dean sleep, Gabriel usually jets off to Berlin or Tokyo for a bit of fun -- but when he gets back, Sam resolves to try to pin him down on that. Or maybe he needs to get Gabriel afloat before he can ever get him serious. It's not a situation they're ever likely to find themselves in again.

The beach's color is warmer in the morning's glow, the sand almost rusty orange. Sam thinks it would melt underfoot. At the water's edge, though, something catches his eye. An unnatural spraying of the water, a fine mist swirling mysteriously. It's beautiful, too, like something's turning the water to an ornate fountain. Sam wants to see it up close. He slips out the door, barefoot, and pads down the sandy path in T-shirt and boxers toward the beach.

His heart's pounding as he approaches, maybe because he doesn't know what he'll find and maybe because he does. The waves spray up into the air and dance, weaving a net of water that rises like a canopy over the shallows. Sam wades out to peek behind it, but by the time he gets there, he already knows who's hiding there.

Gabriel's totally buoyant. Here, unwatched, he doesn't need the inner tube; he just floats, easy and free, on the surface of the waves. His hands draw the arcs of water up and around him, like he's conducting a symphony flat on his back, and his hair billows around him in the water, the color of sand.

"Hi," Sam says, quietly. He doesn't want to disturb the display.

Gabriel is unperturbed. "Hey."

They say nothing for a few minutes. Just there, together, in silence.

Then, stupidly, like the oaf he's always accused of being, Sam says, "You really like the water."

Gabriel laughs, and the magic breaks, the water coming down to splash all around them. Sam's soaked through, and so is Gabriel, who comes down from his backfloat to stand beside Sam. He's not so much shorter, not really; he comes up to about Sam's shoulder, taller than some girls Sam's been with, and that makes him feel like less of a tricky little bastard and more of an equal. Sam's almost comfortable, standing here with him, looking out at the horizon where the sun drops pearls onto the ocean.

"One sun on either side," Gabriel murmurs.

Sam tilts his head. "What?"

In answer, Gabriel looks up at him, and Sam's stilled by the gaze. There's wisdom in that look, and the weariness of centuries, and something else, too -- a child, still awed and gleeful at the existence of the world. In it Sam sees something he wants to be.

"You've got it again," Gabriel says. "That halo."

Sam reaches up to touch his hair, as though it's something he could scrub off. Gabriel snickers, and Sam drops his arms to his side. He feels compelled to ask a question, but he doesn't really know what it is.

Gabriel has the answer anyway. "Because I'm still an angel," he says. "I was here when this was all there was. Water, light. There wasn't even land back then. It was breathtaking," he adds, nodding his head, in thrall to a memory. Something about the curl of his lip is magnetic. Sam wonders idly how it would feel beneath the pad of his thumb.

"Sounds great." Sam's eyes squint against the light. "Wish I could have seen it."

Gabriel shoots him a look that declares, are you stupid?. But it softens, and Gabriel presses forward in the water a few steps. He stands between Sam and the rising sun, and for an instant Sam can see his wings unfurled. A blink and they're gone, but his body is silhouetted, edges burning red like a man on fire.

Sam can't see him like this. So he pushes forward, comes to stand close enough to Gabriel that he needs to angle his face down to meet the green eyes. Now he can see them, and the soft lip, just enough against the sun's fierce blaze. A lurch of helplessness goes through his heart as he realizes he's close enough to feel the pull of gravity. He feels each inch, each second in slow motion, as he gives in to it.

The kiss is slow, careful, but it promises at heat still to come. A kiss like the rising sun. When they part, Sam can't speak. His lips tingle and throb, and his mind's gone blank.

Gabriel smirks. "You lunkhead," he says. "You can see it. It's right here."

Sam looks out at the endless ocean, rose turning to blue second by second. His eyes widen, and he turns back to Gabriel for confirmation.

Gabriel nods. Sam's hands shake. But the joy inside him is strong enough to propel him forward into another kiss.

Zekkass: Catzekkass on October 13th, 2010 11:17 am (UTC)
Mmmmmmm. V.v.v nice. I like the imagery.
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 13th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
thank you darling!
laurapetri: ohyoudolaurapetri on October 13th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 13th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
i do like the sweetness! ^_^
Darkamber: bunny lovedarkamber on October 13th, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC)
This is so beautiful! ♥
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 13th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
awww! thanks! <3
Panpandionpandeus on October 13th, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)

Also, as I was reading this, I realized that Gabriel is traditionally the archangel aligned with water, I believe, which makes this and it's prequel even more fitting.

And as always, love your writing and squeeing just a bit that you wrote for me. <3<3<3
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on October 13th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
oh, awesome. I didn't know that. :) So glad that you enjoyed it <3 <3
{ embracing the storm }: SPN: Sam/Gabemithrel on November 1st, 2010 06:13 am (UTC)
Ooh, wow! I love this!
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on November 2nd, 2010 12:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you babe <3