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31 December 2010 @ 02:19 pm
December 2010 fandom roundup!  

December Fandom Roundup

What an amazing year this has been fannishly for me. I'm so grateful to have fallen into the SPN fandom, where, rumors of craziness notwithstanding, I have met some of the kindest, most mature and most creative-to-the-point-of-genius people I've ever had the privilege to get to know. And it's been amazing for me fannishly as well.

I have made a database of all my fics & drabbles so extensive that it's barely filled out (if you're bored feel free to fill it in). I have counted 45 full fics and 334 drabbles this year.

For a final, staggering word count of


HOLY CRAP you guys, I barely did 150 K last year IIRC!

Well, without further ado, on with the roundup.

Fanfic & drabbles

A lot of adult stuff because this month I started Kinky Mondays, in which I take prompts for PWP all day on Monday. Don't miss out on the fun next year, friend tiptoesmut to keep up!


The Advent of Sam (light Gabriel/Sam, PG) - Someone is sending Sam gifts. Could it be... Santa Claus?

Wipe off that angel face (and go back to high school) - Sam/Gabriel, PG-13. A Sam/Gabriel highschool AU done through twitfics. In several parts that are posted some time after the twitfics are posted --

Volume I: Bully and the Beast: One | Two | Three
Volume II: You Gotta Be Honestly Sincere: One | Two | Three

Dean/Gabriel, collar kink adult
Dean/Cas, writing on each other adult
Sam/Gabriel, what prostate? adult, duh
Jo/Sarah, lap dance
Castiel/Dean/Gabriel, what they don't know adult
Sam & Dean, exhaustion
Castiel/Sam, mistletoe
Castiel/Sam, necktie adult
Gabriel/Sam, moon adult
Jared/Misha, hands adult
Andy/Gabriel, experimenting adult
Jensen/Misha, sensdep adult
Jeff/Jensen, first impression adult
Dean/future!Dean, we're that good adult
Dean/Gabriel, grace!sex adult
Castiel/Dean, bodyswap adult
Jensen/Misha, in the impala adult
Jo/Sam, oops adult
Jared/Jensen, kisses, please and thank you adult
Dean/Sam, quietly adult
Gabriel/Sam, for warmth adult
Dean/Gabriel, ritual adult
Gabriel/Sam, candy adult
Adam/Dean/Sam, brother adult
Dean/Gabriel, grudge adult
Jared/Jensen, candy canes & mistletoe adult
Balthasar/Gabriel, fanboy adult
Jared/Jensen/Misha, don't share well adult
Ruby/Sam, motel sheets adult
Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Lucifer/Michael!Adam/Sam, screw the apocalypse adult
Sam/Uriel, curiosity adult-ish
Gabriel/Jess/Sam, wakeup adult
Gabriel/John, tied up adult
Jared/Misha, snowy
Misha/Richard, olympics
Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel playing trumpet adult
Balthasar/Castiel, wing!kink adult
Sam/Becky, nice to have a fan, adult
John/Gabriel, John has wings adult
Jeff/Jensen, Dean's panty kink adult
Sam/Gabriel/Jess, he's a present adult
Sam/Gabriel, drinks in the sand adult
Misha/Castiel, it's not cheating... adult
Sam/Gabriel, Sam has wings. not that kind of wings adult
Jensen/Misha, New Year adult
Castiel/Anna - blankets adult
Dean/Castiel - waking up adult
Dean/Castiel - New Year's Kiss
...and subsequent sex adult
John/Gabriel, standing up


***** Fractured Supernatural Christmas carols - plus Santa Gabe-y! Song written & sung by me and vidded by darth_firefly who can never get enough love or credit for working on this with such short notice and doing such a fabulous job!!! ****

Crossovers & Others

Heroes, Adam/Monica, shadows adult
SPN/Leverage, Sam/Eliot, knife adult
SPN/Angel, Sam/Angel, kink adult
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, frustration and release adult
Heroes/Fringe, Elle/Olivia, company girls adult
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder & Molly, snowball fight in Central Park

SPN 6x10 - Caged Heat
SPN 6x11 - Appointment in Samarrah (quasi-meta)
Live-blogging "It's a Wonderful Life" (hey, it counts as meta!!)

Pictures (I got a tablet for Xmas so awkward fanart is a go!)

The SPN Sims chronicles, Part 5
SPN Sims Part Six
An awesomely bad manip of 4x10 Dean, 6x10 Castiel, and a Casablanca movie poster
Gingerbread Sam, Dean and the Impala; Dean working on his baby; Dean and Cas; and Team Free Will

(And for what it's worth:
* Gingerbread Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga & Betty White
* Gingerbread Iron Man and some other gingerbread dudes
* Gingerbread superheroes Part I
* Gingerbread superheroes Part II
* Doctor Who gingerbread men (and K-9s, and Daleks))

Icons: Icons from 6x8 through 6x11)
Comic: Castiel takes Dean to a musical
Fanart: Dean, Cas & Christmas crackers
Fanart: Team Free Love as Wizard of Oz characters
Fanart: Demon!Sam/Cas
Fanart: Teenage Sam & Gabriel for HS AU fanfic
Fanart: Young Sam (kinda girly)


First Time SPN Watchers - intended to reblog people's reactions to the big twists and turns we all know are coming but first-timers have no idea about. ^_^ Yes, I'm a voyeur.


An imperfect/unfinished translation of the long Supernatural Anime trailer
goldenusagigoldenusagi on December 31st, 2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
That's an impressive wordcount!
Ibonekoen: Thumbs up (ZQ)ibonekoen on January 1st, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
Wow, congrats on such an impressive word count :D