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23 February 2011 @ 08:14 pm
Semi-liveblogging ANTM 16x1  
I see Tyra is increasingly unable to keep herself off the screen.

Brittani is lovely. I don't know if she is model material but she's lovely.
Mikaela is.... no. Oh god eyebrows. No. Pluck pluck.
Sara needs to be taught but she's kind of adorable. She needs a makeover.
Jaclyn is an early favorite but just cause she's adorbs doesn't mean she can model, we'll see.

Alexandria did good.
Monique is slowly becoming owe of my favorites. I liked her little thingamamabob at the end of the runway even if Miss J didn't...
Ondrei is beautiful and she needs some training.... I was typing, just as she fell....XD

Kasia owned it.
Hannah has a nice look.
Brittani did good.
I like how Jaclyn owned her bubble. The arm circles were nice.
Mikaela also owned it, but I still don't like her look.
Dominique --- tried too hard.


Why does a girl who can book NYFW need ANTM?

Their photos:
Alexandria - nice photo but I want to see her eyes. Want to see if she can talk to the camera.
Dalya - lovely, but needs more.
Nicole - I like it. she comes right out.
Sara - I like it, so much potential.
Ondrei. - She looks a little tentative
Angelea, - actually that's a nice shot. She doesn't stand out.
Hannah - she's lovely. I like her face.
Kasia - Where's her personality? I agree w/the judges
Monique - Oh, I LOVE it. She's fast becoming my favorite
Mikaela - Drama, but I really hate her look.
Dominique - I like her face but there's no model there. No way.
Jaclyn - Not my favorite. She didnt stand out.
Molly -Gorgeous. I keep confusing her with Hannah, though.
Brittani - Looks really almost creepy.

Prediction: Molly wins best shot; Brittani runner up. actually, I revise, Alexandria will get best shot.
Bottom two: Jaclyn and Dominique, and Dominique goes home.

Dude. They're not sending Dominique home. Who, then? If it's Jaclyn I'll cry. Angelea?