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02 March 2011 @ 12:04 am
It's almost that time again!  
March has come in like a lion, I'm having horrible winterblahs, the weather is crap, everyone's stressed out...

It's totally time for the 3rd Annual WAFF-a-thon!

The WAFF-a-thon is, for those of you who are new (a whole honking load of you, I suspect), my annual contribution to memedom. It's a way of spreading Warm and Fuzzy Feelings through fanworks of any kind and for any fandom.

But! I need your help!

Stage One: Please spam my comments with pictures from your favorite fandoms where the characters/actors/athletes/whoever look totally happy. I will come back in a few days with pimping buttons for y'all to use on your journals. And then on to Stage Two, the mad pimping stage.

Let's make the Internet happier! :)