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21 May 2011 @ 12:18 pm
Thoughts (coherent this time) on the finale and the potential for Season Seven.  
So I'm having thinky thoughts about the finale. As everyone is. But just like everyone else, I think mine are more insightful than everyone else's. Bwahah.

So read if you'd like...

About Cas. Because it's all about Cas.

I was thinking about the things he did for Dean right before the end. Particularly, the mind-wiping of Lisa and Ben.

Lisa and Ben were two people that Dean cared about a lot. And Dean's wish for them were tomake sure they never heard from him again, that they never thought of him as family. This destructive impulse of Dean we understand as his victim complex at work, sure. But what must Castiel think of it? To be told by Dean one moment that they're family and then to see Dean push away his family and declare he's cutting them off?

What must that be like to a guy who for the first time feels like he's part of a human family, only to see that if you allow yourself to love, those who love you will push you away? And hasn't he now learned from Dean that if you don't want to get hurt, you better push them away first?

No wonder he was so determined, at the end, after everything, to push Dean and Sam and Bobby away and to be the first to declare, "You're not my family."

The other thing that really, REALLY struck me about the last bit was Cas' words. He didn't say "I'm the new God, so bow down and declare your LOYALTY to me." He didn't say "bow down and WORSHIP me.'

He said "bow down and declare your LOVE for me."

God, isn't that just so telling?

Castiel has allowed himself to love. And he's seen that love isn't enough when it's given voluntarily. Not enough to counteract pangs of conscience, limited worldviews, and just plain misunderstandings.

And yet he craves it. He craves it so badly that he demands it. Through force if he has to.

This is all about him needing to be loved.

Tl;dr: What's happened to Cas is PERFECTLY in character for him.

It's heartbreaking, and you can't see how it's going to turn out well, but it's perfectly in character.

Now, I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna, so I will say that the sith season definitely was not the strongest in terms of plotlines. We never got a lot of it taken care of in a satisfying way. Campbells were a McGuffin, Sam's soul was a McGuffin. In the end, not sure what Balthazar accomplished. Don't know about the heavenly weapons. And we still don't know how Sam was affected by hell. If they drop that ball in the seventh season I will be extremely disappointed. Extremely.

But again, AGAIN, with the angel and demon storyline they did deliver in the end.

And again, putting the best possible spin on what we've heard from Sera and the gang about seven, I do kind of see potential for the way they say they're gonna do it. They've said they're gonna keep the action on Earth, and that sort of opens up a thousand questions for me. What will the reign of a Godstiel be like? He's sort of a reverse Christ figure, isn't he? Or maybe he's a straight Christ figure - born with power, stripped of it, then risen up. But he is not quite as hippie-liberal as Jesus was, by any stretch of the imagination. Is he going to lay the smackdown on Earth? Will fortune favor the Winchesters because God's watching out for them? Will he take it upon himself to exterminate Hell, demons, monsters? Or as God is this all just beneath his notice? He has said he was doing everything for free will. Will he still allow that? What will the implications be on the everyday world when there's a Castiel in charge?

And how will the Winchesters deal with it? And how do you bring down God?

And what about all the other creatures of power we've met along the way? Kali? Pagan gods? Crowley and the demons? Raphael's followers?

What about Michael and Lucifer? Is it possible - very unlikely, but possible - that Dean and Sam might try to free them to take down CaS?

There's a zillion ways this can go, and in the end there will still be a showdown, still be a rehashing of all the betrayal, all the meanings of love and family that have both damned and saved the Winchesters for so long.

That exploration of love and humanity and forgiveness and betrayal, of what it means to be human and to care about someone - that's the essence of Supernatural to me.

So I remain optimistic.

And I expect epic fanfic this summer! XD
JagfanLJ: Boyz in da Impalajagfanlj on May 21st, 2011 11:44 pm (UTC)
*nods enthusiastically*

Cas has been on a journey from the moment we first met him. He began with unquestioning loyalty FAITH in God. Because he never questioned God, or his brothers, that faith was easily used by Zachariah to subvert God's will, or at least the original* Master Plan. Betrayed by his brothers, abandoned by his Father, Castiel grappled with Free Will, the Master Plan, Loyalty, Trust, Faith and Love.

Castiel watched as Sam and Dean, who act with free will and love each other unconditionally, went from acting as one to being at cross-purposes. The two fought side-by-side, and came to blows themselves. They lied and betrayed each other, yet each died to save the other.

Sam and Dean gave him their trust and friendship, and he came to think of them as brothers. Does he love them as brothers? I don't know. Angels have their Grace, but not a soul; Can you love without a soul? Castiel kept secrets and lied to them, much as his brothers had done to him -- and as Sam and Dean have with each other. When Dean asked him not to work with Crowley, Dean pleaded with Castiel to just TRUST him. But Castiel was convinced he was right, and he has seen what happens when you trust blindly. I understood his actions, even as I railed against them.

This new thing, declaring himself God is, I believe, the work of the souls. Desperate for a way to defeat Raphael, he didn't think it through. Castiel drew in ALL of the souls in Purgatory. How many of those souls were evil? How can one being draw in so much evil and not be affected?

*I believe God is sitting on the sidelines, watching how the game unfolds. He saw what Zachariah was up to and decided NOT to cast him down, essentially granting the angels Free Will.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Among my predictions for next season:
The first words out of Dean's mouth will be, "What the HELL? I should've known you'd turn out to be a jerkwad. All that talk about Free Will was just another load of angelcrap."