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11 July 2011 @ 05:53 pm
NJ Con Wrapup Post - Saturday - Pic Heavy!  

OK. So. Saturday we forced ourselves out of bed on time to see Steven Williams (Rufus). Who was amazing. He didn't like the way Adam introduced him, so he gave himself a re-introduction mentioning all his roles. He seemed very eager to talk about everything he'd done - again, very Hollywood, he was very all "I am more than my SPN character." But he also was super funny and deep. He went on this whole rant about the extent of human knowledge and how we really didn't know anything about even the technology that we use all the time, how solid matter is less and less solid the closer you look at it, and stuff like that. It was pretty awesome and he was super quotable. I never did get to ask him my question about Rufus' Judaism, but that's OK, I wasn't super-invested. In the end the only Q i asked was at Gabriel's panel, whether he had seen Gackt play his character in the SPN anime.

Tweets from Steven's panel:

* Steven on stage!! #NJCon
* Thanking fans for loving the show. He is awesome #NJCon
* Steven says maybe rufus's pacemaker stopped the knife so Rufus could come back. #NJCon that is how he'd write his return.
* "When he comes back [hypothetically] he's gonna have an issue with Bobby." #NJCon
* Shooting Stingray was "the first time anyone in Calgary had seen a brother" XD #NJCon
* Fan suggests Rufus' missing toes come from a female demon in Tijuana. #NJCon
* He has no idea what happened between Bobby and Rufus. "Bobby got his woman killed!" pretends to cry. #NJCon
* Says we should go to a producer's "what the hell was with that killing Rufus thing? We'll be back tomorrow!" #NJCon
* Says humans dont know anything. " You pop out of a vagina and strangers start telling you stuff." #NJCon
* Going on a long rant about the extent of human knowledge, technology. Really awesome!! #NJCon
* Steven: "That which does not kill you... Your silly ass will probably do again." #NJCon
* Steven never took an acting lesson. The universe gave him knowledge, God or whatever put him here. #NJCon

After that I zonked for a bit and then we saw Rick Worthy, who played the Alpha Vampire. I just recently met his BSG character too, so I knew him from that. He had a LOOOOOOT of credits I didn't know about. He was a super down-to-earth, sweet guy at the panel. It was his first convention, and he was just as stunned by the response as Matt Cohen was last year. And just like Matt Cohen last year, he made some questionable choices XD you'll see. But overall an extremely cool guy. He also told us that [[SPOILERS, HIGHLIGHT TO VIEW]] the alpha vampire will return in Season 7! [[END SPOILERS]]

Then I had the meet and greet with Richard and Matt. AND DEAR GOD LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT.

First off, Rick came out after his panel and talked with the 10 of us who were waiting for the meet and greet, that was a really nice moment.

Then the 10 of us went in and there was like this little circular table. We tried to pretend we were summoning spirits at a seance, but the only person we successfully pranked was the staff girl who said "um, we're just bringing in extra chairs for the guys...." XD When the guys came in it surprised us!

Richard said, first: "So we're splitting up the duties of this meet & greet. Matt's handling the meet, I'll handle the greet. So, hello everyone, and Matt, here's your meat." And he hands Matt this vacuum sealed pack of like baloney or salami or something, idk. It was funny.



I had a chance to say to Richard how much we all wanted his character back, more so than any other departed character on the show. He said he appreciated it.

So the meet and greet was great in general, lots of chatting. one fan gave Matt and Richard gifts, including a t-shirt with a maxipad stuck on the back (it had something to do with her senior gift in high school, idek, some prank) which he happily then wore for the rest of the day. XD

The real highlight for me was, a little while into it I turned to Richard and said, "Could I ask you a favor? And you can totally say no. I had a friend who came last year, basically just to see you. And you were off shooting a movie, and she couldn't afford to come this year, so... would it be OK if I got her on the phone?" He said "sure, call her up."

So I called up moorishflower and said "Hi, doll, there's someone here who wants to talk to you."

He said, "Hi," and we could hear her say "who is this?"

"Um, my name is Richard Speight, I play the Trickster or Gabriel on a show called Supernatural..."

we could ALL hear her say "OH MY GOD." XD XD XD

It was great, he said he was sorry he didn't make it last year, and then he said "Would you like to say hi to Matt Cohen?"

Matt put it on speaker so everyone could hear and said, "Hi there, this is Matt Cohen. I was wondering if you had a subscription to the New York Times--"

And then God bless moorishflower was quick on her feet, she said, "Our university gets all kinds of publications for free including yours." WELL MATT BETTER JUST STEP THE FUCK BACK THEN. CHECK OUT THIS GQMF.

It was nice. XD I really appreciate all the other attendees having the patience to deal with that. Thank you so much, ladies!!!!

Here is the pic from the M&G:

Then we went back in for Matt's panel. Matt was adorable and huggy as usual, despite his broken ribs. He wore the maxipad too. People said now he had wings. XD

Tweets from Matt's panel:

* Matt is on. His ass looks amazing #iamshallow #NJCon
* He is wearing a shirt with a maxipad on his back. Long story. #NJCon
* Girl asks for a hug. He broke ribs and asked people to be gentle #NJCon
* Matt is filming a new movie called Trigger. Boxing movie #NJCon
* Matt put his gum on the chair where Jared sat, found out Jared's ass was there and ate it! #NJCon
* "Richard and I have a whole lot of fun together." #NJcon
* "Me and Richard are together forever." #NJCon
* Asking about Matt's cowgirl vid. He wanted to be in the Cowgirl Up series so he got a small role. #NJCon
* Matt's bra size is 42DD. #NJCon
* Matt's skinny jeans are to die for. #UnhelpfulTweets #NJCon
* Matt can't do a Misha impression, Misha is too witty. #NJCon
* Matt missed Haiti to do auditions, they strung him along and didn't get the part he was so looking forward to Haiti. #NJCon
* He says it's not worth it to give up on an opportunity to help others. He seems really broken up about it. #NJCon
* Matt posits that after Michael's possession, John has flashes of memory. Someone write the fic!! #NJCon

I tried to hold a fanfic panel at 3:45 but it was mostly just a bunch of us sitting around for a bit, like six of us, until Richard's panel. I sort of suspected that would happen, but there's nothing wrong with just hanging out, so it doesn't really matter <3

Richard came on and was fabulous beyond belief. Again, the minute he gets in a room he fucking owns it. He was walking up and down the aisles, letting everyone get close and take pictures, answered a lot of questions, gave hugs, talked about how much he appreciated the fan campaigns in support of bringing him back. He did, however, express some skepticism which made me think he really doesn't expect to be back.

Tweets from Richard's panel:

* Richard up now
* a lot of costumers tell Richard to wear his necklace
* Richard is doing a puppet show.
* Richard's fave pickup line is the Tennessee pick up line, "Nice tooth."
* he'd use it on alona. He thinks Kim was hot too.
* Richard has lots of funny friends - he likes smart banter. Like Misha, Rob, Mark.
* he's talking about hanging with Seb, Rob, Chad in Italy. They're all funny.
* Gabriel would drive a 67 Ford Mustang. "For the ladies."
* sort of wandering down the aisle as he talks
* re: Matt. "I'm the organ grinder and he's my monkey."
* He Loved the revelation that Chuck was God.
* talking about band of brothers. It was a seminal experience in his life.
* bob cast has yearly BBQs
* once again J2 never pranked him. I don't think they prank anyone but each other, IMHO.
* Telling the Misha Underwear Story (TM)
* when aping talking to j2 he looks way up. His impressions of them are amazeballs
* he wrote on the back of the undies, "This underwear smells like Cas."
* His hair flips in the back, it is adorable. #uselesstweets
* his theory on bringing him back: he thinks Gabriel looks like Loki and the real Loki is locked up.
* If Gabe comes back he would help Sam and Dean b/c he admires their bond.
* Trickster's motivation: d&s stay together where Gabriel would bail so he wants to break them up to feel better abt himself
* he loved the warehouse scene as an actor, no FX, just actors battling it out

I got two photo ops after that, Richard's and a duo with Richard and Matt. They messed up the Richard and Matt one so I got two. And I got the GREATEST PHOTO OP EVER OF RICHARD. WHY SO SASSY SERIOUSLY. He told me I should sing to him. XD XD Incidentally every single time I saw him that day he thanked me again for Santa Gabey and made me promise to post a link on his facebook.

Then we had autographs with today's guests.

After that we were all so wiped out that we went back to the room and just hung there for a goo long time. Then there was the dessert party which was pretty crazy ass. Tweets from the dessert party:

* So. Highlights of the dessert party: Rick Worthy vogueing. Richard and Matt looking married.
* Steven telling us to get laid as often as possible because it clears out the system. Matt doing a plank on one of the tables
* I can now say @RickWorthy ate my Nutella. #NJCon

Pics from the dessert party:

These were made by wolfling. So cute!

(Matt wearing Gabriel wings while hugging people)

(Matt wearing Gabriel wings and a Sam wig!)

(Rick eating my Nutella)

And here are pics of all the centerpieces in the contest - including the joke centerpieces:

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight
Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen

Brock Kelly came to the party, he had just come from the airport. That man is way more handsome in person than he is on the screen. Very cute guy. Matt Cohen gave his hugs like always. Rick Worthy...

Rick Worthy was interesting. He was a very amiable guy, but when the dancing started, he was the only celeb to stay, and he was basically dirty dancing with all the girls. It got a little embarrassing to watch. I figure he comes from a different world with different modesties/sensibilities, but I honestly wasn't sure (despite rumors that his girlfriend was there with him) that he wasn't going to try and take some of the fans to bed. It was sort of a microcosm of watching someone get overwhelmed by fame. I don't know. That's all just speculation. He could have been a total gentleman. But still, I was a bit embarrassed for him.

We left at about 1:40 after dancing for a while. I can't believe I woke up on time for the breakfast on Sunday...

Laurenjabber_moose on July 11th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on July 11th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
perfumaniac: Cas_burgerangerperfumaniac on July 11th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
You seemed to have such a good time!!!!! AND I AM SO GLAD YOU LIVE TWEETED DURING THE WHOLE THING.

I'm also soooooo jealous that you got to meet Brock in person!
Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on July 12th, 2011 01:40 am (UTC)
He was very nice! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to tweet his panel *cuddles*
Wolfling: gabriel I am the tricksterwolfling on July 12th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
Oh look, there's my chibi Winchesters. :D

(Also, the maxipad thing was a carry over from Matt's meet and greet last NJ con -- there was a discussion of high school pranks Matt had played and Gina (the girl who gave him the shirt) told about one she'd played that got her Mom a phone call from the principal, namely she stuck a maxi pad on the back of a boy's jacket. Matt thought that was hilarious. So then, at the dessert party, Gina "maxi-padded" him. So the maxi pad on the shirt was a call back to that. :))

Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on July 12th, 2011 01:40 am (UTC)
See, someday when I'm a total veteran like you I will be able to inform others of all the in jokes XD

BRB crediting your Winchesters XD
Melaniemelalucci on July 12th, 2011 03:40 am (UTC)
Which one are you? :)
nunney2584nunney2584 on July 27th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Another NJCon alumni
Just wanted to say loved your report, brought back a lot of great memories from the weekend. I always say to myself I'm gonna do a write up, but my memory is so bad I'd always forget all the important things.

That said, re Rick at the party, i kind of understand where you're coming from in the embarrassing line, but in his defence some people were buying him ALOT of drinks and I think he was getting steadily drunk the longer he stayed. I seemed to be one of the ones he got on well with that day/night & he mentioned that apparently some fans invited HIM to their room for an 'afterparty' which he then invited me to (i politely declined lol, as i didnt know the girls & safe to say I'd be pissed if some random turned up at my room for a party lol, so gave them the same courtesy.) Turned out he declined too afterwards from what I can gather, just FYI. Before fandom goes wild & blows everything out of proportion!

I think the main thing about Rick was that he was quietly naive about his first con & didn't think it was all that bad to stay and get drunk with the attendees & do some dancing. Safe to say, we all saw he was more than happy to stick around & talk to everyone & have a laugh, & i gotta say I actually really respected him for that tbh. Not all guests are as down to earth as that.

Not having a go at all, just felt the need to sort of clarify things RE Rick. To me, he WAS a gentleman, just a little bit of a tipsy one! :-D

Also, how scarily alike Jared did Matt look in that Sam wig?! That poorly lit room, the beard, the hair... i was O_O!!!
Tiptoe39: chibi utenatiptoe39 on July 27th, 2011 03:13 am (UTC)
Re: Another NJCon alumni
Oh, I agree with you totally. I think he was probably just getting drunk and not really thinking about the lines that he'll probably have to start drawing if he gets to be a real part of the con scene. I didn't mean to cast aspersions on his character.

And if people dirty dancing makes me uncomfortable, that's my own problem XD

Glad this brought back good memories!