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10 March 2012 @ 11:13 pm
WAFF-a-thon 2012 - Main Thread!  
And if we all could spread a little sunshine
All could lend a helping hand
We all would be a little closer
To the Promised Land

WAFFathon 2012 Official Thread

Welcome, everyone, to the fourth official WAFFathon, making the Internet a little happier. The premise behind the WAFFathon is simple: Fandom is great, but let's face it, it can get pretty dark around here at times. Not to mention that it rains absolute CRAP on the characters we most love. So to make their not-quite-canon lives a little better, and to increase the per-capita volume of Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF for short) on these here intertubes, the WAFFathon has arrived!

This year I'm upping the ante by putting my money where my WAFF is... see more behind the cut!

How to Play:

1)  Comment with a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt. Your prompt can be specific, general, vague, cryptic, silly, goofy, OOC, AU, sexy, anything you like, so long as it brings a little sunshine in the end.

2) Find a prompt you like and make something fluffy and feel-goody out of it. Fanfic, fanart, manips, icons, vids, fanmixes, motis and macros, and anything else creative are all welcome. Adult content is also welcome, but remember that the goal is to be WAFFy!

3) Post it (or a link to it) in the comments.

4) Watch people's lives light up!

The Rules:

1) Provide lots of encouragement to the creators. Feedback. Compliment. Hug. Friend. Mem. It's good karma.

2) This meme will be very lightly policed, but policed it will be. So behave. No trashing of others, fandoms, ships, chars, stories, or the meme writ large will be tolerated. Friendly concrit or suggestions are fine, but keep in mind that we are trying to make people happy, not insecure. As your Moddess Goddess(TM), I reserve the right to do what I feel I need to do. Which I hope will be nothing, but which you are hereby forewarned can change depending on my very mercurial mood. So... like I said. Behave.

3) I have no end date in sight for this meme, but I suggest keeping it a weeklong activity.

4) You are more than welcome to crosspost your creative works wherever you like. It should go without saying that taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own elsewhere is unacceptable by any definition. I refer folks to stop_plagiarism   as a good place to follow up on any problems that might occur.

Make the world even happier!

A couple of extra things you can do if you want to make everyone happier:

1) Readers/viewers: If you find an author/creative person you like, go back through their other works and comment on them, or rec their works on your journal. Creative people love feedback and it's especially gratifying when you get feedback on something you thought was lost to time and when someone likes your work enough to recommend it to his or her friends.

2) Creators: be sure to thank readers for their time and energy spent on your work. Friend them if they've friended you or recced you. One of the great things about fan-creative communities is the proximity you can have to the people you admire and respect. We don't get to have conversations with Joss and Kripke and the rest, but we can talk to each other and that's even cooler.

3) Pimp this meme to any friends or communities you think would be interested. You can find banners and code at the Banner Thread. Hotlink your little hearts out!

4) If you're feeling really encouraged, please consider making the world a better place on behalf of the fandom community.

The Hunger Site
The Breast Cancer Site
The Child Health Site

ASPCA * Random Acts * International Committee of the Red Cross * America's Second Harvest * Humane Society International * UNICEF * American Cancer Society * Oxfam * Amnesty International


I will split the money evenly among Random Acts, the ASPCA, and the Red Cross. Make me too poor to attend DragonCon this year :) (Please note that your comment has to be a genuinely happifying comment in order to count toward the total!)

(I know we're all poor in fandom, but we're actually very rich!)

5) Tell someone you love today how much you care for and appreciate them, and remember: Happiness is a completely renewable energy source!


...perdiccas   and oxoniensis   for hosting similar memes in the past that I've participated in. You guys set up the model for me to build on.

... triedunture, hils, wickedvirtue, sinnerforhire, ibonekoen, kijikun, peppervl, peroxidepest17, takadainmate, heard_the_owl, darth_firefly, melalucci, mithrel, jaune_chat, noshinori, bballgirl3022, gwendolynd, wolfrider89, ratherastory, princess_aleera, nicole_sill, and aerilex for cheering for the idea and volunteering to leave prompts, fill prompts, and/or pimp.

...YOU! for reading and writing!

Happy happifying!

Ne invoces expellere non possis: Gabriel/sam by andrea_deerkijikun on March 13th, 2012 04:27 am (UTC)
Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (1/2)
Sam hasn’t had a lot of experience with kids. Even when he was a kid, he never really had friends his own age.

It makes his strange and tricky relationship with Gabriel even harder. Gabriel is an archangel, a trickster god.

Gabriel has three children.

Sam had expected them to be grown. They had their own stories and myths after all.

They aren’t grown, far from it. Hel the youngest is only two.

Gabriel wouldn’t answer when Sam asked, only looked away with his lips pressed into a thin line. Sam has learned to leave some issues lie. He’s never sure just where he stands with Gabriel and he’s careful not to push for answers to a great many things.

Sam doesn’t see the children that often. They live at a house by a lake where Sam’s only been a few times. Sam doesn’t push. They aren’t mated like Dean and Cas, they aren’t an epic love story. Sam knows Gabriel will tire of him sooner than later.

Needless to say, Sam’s completely out of his depth when Gabriel takes him and promptly leaves Sam alone with kids less than an hour later.

Sam manged somehow. Hel was content to climb all over him and rest her stuffed owl on his shoulder. He gained Fenrir’s approval by making Mac and Cheese and being willing to watch The Emperor's New Groove twice in a row.

Edited at 2012-03-13 04:27 am (UTC)
Ne invoces expellere non possis: sam&gabe by shirozorakijikun on March 13th, 2012 04:28 am (UTC)
Re: Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (2/2)
Jor was a different subject. The ten year old was the oldest of the three and spent most of the evening glaring at Sam like he was trying to turn him to stone. He threatened to turn into a serpent and swallow Sam once, but Hel at started crying and clutched Sam’s leg.

Gabriel still wasn’t back by nine o’clock so Sam put the three to bed. Hel was already asleep against his chest and Fenrir was half-asleep. Jor just stormed into his room like a mini thunder cloud.

“Will you come and play again?” Fenrir asks as Sam tucks him in.

“I’d like to,” Sam tells him, and finds he really means it.

He turns out the light in Fenrir’s room and heads down the hall to Jor’s room. The lights still on and Jor’s sitting in the middle of his bed with his arms crossed.

“Time for bed,” Sam says, trying hard for it not to sound like a order.

“I don’t have to listen to you!” Jor snaps, glaring up at Sam with sharp blue eyes.

Hel and Fenrir both have Gabriel’s looks, brown hair and hazel eyes. Jor’s eyes are an icy blue and his hair black as coal.

Sam shrugs. “No you don’t have to listen to me. But it’s late and your brother and sister are asleep,” Sam points out evenly.

“Why are you even here?” Jor demands. “You don’t love us. You don’t love dad. Your just going to leave like all the others!”

Sam sits down on the corner of Jor’s bed and wonders why it’s taken Jor’s words for him to see it. “I do love you,” he says quietly. How could he not love Gabriel’s children? They’re his. Gabriel lights up when he talks about them, Gabriel loves them. How could Sam not love them? “And I do love your father.”

Jor looks at him suspiciously. “You do?”

“How could I love Gabriel and not love the most important people in his life?” Sam asks the boy.

“But you’re never here!” Jor protests.

Sam nods suddenly wishing that he had pushed Gabriel more. “I know and I’m sorry for that. I’d like to change that. Would that be okay with you? If I came over more?”

Jor shrugs. “I guess. Hel and Fen like you.” He looks down at his rug. “I guess I’m sorry I said I was going to eat you.”

“Don’t worry you’re not the first one to threaten that,” Sam assures him with a smile.

Jor climbs off his bed and walks over to his book case. He pulls out a book and hands it to Sam. “If I have to go to bed. Then you can read me this,” he declares.

Sam looks down at the book. It’s called the The Lambton Worm. “Alright, I think I can do that.”

Jor climbs back into bed and gets under the covers, waiting for Sam to start.

The book is about a young boy that goes fishing one Sunday morning instead of going to Church and catches a worm. The worm, which is really a serpent, grows bigger and bigger feeding off evil thoughts and apple pie. By the time Sam gets to the end with the brave knight defeating the evil worm, Jor is fast asleep.

Sam puts the book on the nightstand and flicks off the bedroom light. He almost runs into Gabriel as he leaves Jor’s room.

“Sam,” Gabriel says looking more than a little worried. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be --”

Sam cuts him off with a kiss. “I love you,” he tells him.

Gabriel blinks up at him. “You do?”

“Yes, I do,” Sam tells him firmly and kisses him again. “You and your kids.”

“Oh, good” Gabriel says sounding relieved. “I love you too.”

Sam’s not stupid enough to think it’ll be happily ever after now, but maybe it’s a start.
The Disreputable Writerwallmakerrelict on March 13th, 2012 06:07 am (UTC)
Re: Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (2/2)
They aren’t mated like Dean and Cas, they aren’t an epic love story. Sam knows Gabriel will tire of him sooner than later.

Oh God how can two sentences make me simultaneously squee and choke up???

“I guess I’m sorry I said I was going to eat you.”


Gabriel as a single dad is the best. And and! Sam/Gabe fluff! And Gabe is surprised that Sam loves him! And he loves Sam back!

Ne invoces expellere non possiskijikun on March 14th, 2012 06:54 am (UTC)
Re: Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (2/2)
Glad you liked it! Yeah, Sam has problems believing he deserves nice things and Gabriel has abandonment issues.
Tiptoe39: Sam - Jaredtiptoe39 on March 13th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (2/2)
YAY!!! oh, this is lovely and perfect!!! <3 Aw Sam, it might be happily-ever-after after all, you never know!!!

Ne invoces expellere non possiskijikun on March 14th, 2012 06:54 am (UTC)
Re: Package Deal, Gabriel/Sam, G (2/2)
:) Yay, happy you enjoyed it.