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This meta has too many voiceovers.

Spoilers for Arrow 1x01---

1) OK, everyone on my Twitter timeline had the same reaction to the first few minutes: "OMG IT'S STARTING IN PURGATORY.... OH SHIT, WAIT, IT'S LITERALLY PURGATORY!??!" lmfao and waiting for the crossover fic.

2) Was the doctor in the hospital Mr. Nutcracker?

3) OK, first serious meta. Every single fucking voiceover in this show was unnecessary. The shots told the story, the wordless acting worked, the mood was there. You could watch those scenes on mute and still get the point 100 percent. The voiceovers added nothing except for maybe some sort of "comic book" feel that just reminded me of the Daredevil movie. That translation doesn't fly on teevee. (Unless it's in Sendhil Ramamurthy's voice. Ahem.)

4) Amell was hot but I fell completely for the best friend. Actor's name is Colin Donnell. Apparently he's been in broadway shows, too. I'm already looking forward to the musical episode where he sings a duet with John Barrowman. Nnnngh.

5) They really did a good job casting Dinah's sister. They looked related.


7) OK, I had a bad reaction to the boat capsizing: "OH LOOK FLYING CHICKS IN UNDERWEAR! and they haven't even gotten black canary in costume yet." XD

8) Can Queencest be a thing? *goes to hell*

9) There's something awesome about the way Amell moves. He tucks his body in when he leaps and it looks authentic. I loved the parkour badassness. Also he was hot in that sweater 'n' jeans. To say nothing of when he was out of them.

10) Poor bodyguard. He drinks at the same bar as Rhodey. I was really getting the Tony Stark vibe from this show. They're trying to hit all the Iron Man & Batman sweet spots, which they did pretty well. Looking forward to seeing it be Ollie, though. Hopefully that will actually happen, instead of being Another Rich Douche Who's Really a Hero. Having him be an actual killer is a good step, I guess.

11) Random note: I'm pretty sure Ollie's party was in a time loop. The pole dancers were wearing more in the second scene than the first. They may have stripped backwards.

12) They do win for absolutely traumatizing the hero in a new and exciting way. (No idea if that's part of comics!Ollie's backstory.)

SPN meta coming next. Have at it!
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