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This meta doesn't miss. Except when it misses.

This week's Arrow had some great moments and some plot holes. I'm really enjoying the series so far but it is basically playing for me like a Batman series without the name Batman. Rich playboy puts on a facade, is super serious in his underground lair, and now his manservant/companion is his confidant? Pffffff. I mean, seriously. Maybe I don't know enough about Oliver/Green Arrow to tell the difference, but what's the difference?

Discussion points/thoughts copied over from tweets:

1) Somehow I missed that Thea is supposed to be in high school. She looks like a college brat if anything. She's still one of the best actresses on the show, but I have trouble believing high school. Ah well.

2) OK, I just want more Oliver jumping around on buildings and climbing things, may I have more of that please? Because that is hot shit.

3) So how many languages does Ollie know? I mean, I got that he spoke mandarin or whatever because of the island, but when the hell did he learn Russian? I fear the inevitable episode when he butchers Japanese. But I fear all episodes where people butcher Japanese. (thank you Supernatural and Heroes for doing it right most of the time)

4) I still love Tommy Merlin [sp?] more than life itself. He is a hottie pants. His bromance with Ollie is totally shippable. And GOD, he looks good in leather. I know they're just doing the Tommy/DinahLaurel romance to set up tension for the inevitable Ollie/Dinah pairing later on, but how could you not root for the guy? Especially when we really haven't seen Ollie care nearly as much for her. And is the only mark of a spoiled rich boy that he sleeps with everyone? Can't we have any other reason for him to have pissed off half the city's elite? Seriously. Unimaginative.

5) I have a great affinity for identity reveals. The part where the hero takes off his mask is invariably one of my favorite moments of almost any media. So I was jumping up and down when this one happened. I really look forward to seeing Ollie trust someone. And he couldn't pick a better someone to trust, either. I look forward to seeing Diggs choose his alliances. Ollie's not the one paying him, after all.

6) OH HALLO REFERENCE TO BLUDHAVEN IN THE PREVIEW. :D (can we please have nightwing please please please please how bout matt cohen)

That's that, have at it! SPN meta coming next.
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