March 11th, 2013


Fifth Annual WAFF-a-THON Main Thread!

And if we all could spread a little sunshine
All could lend a helping hand
We all would be a little closer
To the Promised Land

WAFFathon 2013 Official Thread

Welcome, everyone, to the fifth annual WAFFathon, making the Internet a little happier. The premise behind the WAFFathon is simple: Fandom is great, but let's face it, it can get pretty dark around here at times. Not to mention that it rains absolute CRAP on the characters we most love. So to make their not-quite-canon lives a little better, and to increase the per-capita volume of Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF for short) on these here intertubes, the WAFFathon has arrived!

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Happy happifying!


WAFF-a-thon 2013 Master List!

Revision: Friday, 3/15, 1 P.M. New since the last revision: marked with a *.


* Laurel finds a "Hood" fansite by akadougal (a little Ollie/Diggle)


Hidden Depths by princess_aleera (Coulson/Clint - angst, h/c, injury, AR)

Harry Potter

* Letting Go by slytheringurrl (Draco/Hermione)


Wireless by tiptoe39 (Micah/Molly)

Oz Books

Trapped by Rats by tiptoe39 (gen - Ozma, Dorothy, Trot, OCs)

Birdth And Beeth by princess_aleera (de-aged!Dean and Cas, gen/pre-Dean/Cas)
Extraordinary by rockstarpeach (Dean/Cas, Dean + Impala)
* I need your Grace to find my own by lillathrin (Castiel/Gabriel)

Teen Wolf

* Pokemon by akadougal (Derek/Stiles)