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07 September 1998 @ 11:59 pm
The Everything-Else Room  
The Everything-Else Room

All the fics that aren't on my Delicious fic index.

Makeout Drabbles (PG-13):
Based on hanuueshe's prompt table, a series of sexy, romantic, sweet and funny drabbles.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 (Index with chapter titles is here.)

The Greatest Show on Earth (PG for now)
Volume 1 is linked on Delicious.
Volume 2 - the A sequence One: Afternoon

This is Home (R) - Mohinder comes home. They talk about being parents and having time.
Moral Clarity (G) - Given his morally gray choices, Mohinder seeks clarity.
Come Home (PG) - They've both done something they're not proud of.
Fathers' Day (G) - Which one of them really holds the title of being Molly's father?
Merging (PG) - A sequel to Kiss #25. Mohinder wakes up next to a man he'd thought he hated.
Morning Sun (PG) - A sequel to Episodic Tangents: Landslide. Now that the emergency is over, will the connection they've forged last?
Bravery (PG) - A sequel to Kiss #11. Matt arrives at his new home and discovers a new facet to his powers.
Family (PG) - Gen. Sequel to Fathers' Day. A year later, and things have quite possibly gone straight to hell.
Honey, I'm Home (PG) - Sequel to Episodic Tangents: Five Years Gone. Matt gets his memory back... then what?
Untitled WIP in the form of Molly's letters home from camp and her dads' replies.
Interrogation (PG) - Matt subdues Mohinder and asks him some tough questions about Molly and the direction Mohinder's life has taken.

Round-Robin Fics (co-written with others)
Round-Robin Fic #1, written with kleenexcow, plotbunny_tiff, rosiecotton95, carma_baby. Mohinder is distracted at work; he and Matt have a late-night chat.
Round-Robin Fic #2, written with kleenexcow, tptigger, crystal_mk. Matt and Mohinder change their neighbors' minds.
Round-Robin Fic #3, written with plotbunny_tiff, kleenexcow. This one is HYSTERICALLY cracky. Matt, Nathan, and Hiro make a movie.

One-shots (adult)
The Cure for the Common Cold - Ugh, don't read this. I can't believe I'm even indexing it. Sudafed-addled sex.
Telephone - Distance is no object for desire.

The Bondage Sequence
I. Pent Up - Mohinder lets out some pent-up tension.
II. Two Ways - Matt takes a strange form of revenge.
III. Domination - Power plays sometimes have consequences.
Insomnia - Mohinder can't sleep. And he's feeling a little evil.
Working Overtime - Late at night in the lab.
A Soap Opera - Doing the dishes has never been so much fun.
Self-Defense - Fun at a shooting range. Mohinder hits his target.
Quickie - Mohinder isn't in the mood for romance; he just wants a quickie.
Robots - Feeling powerless, like a robot, Mohinder finds that with Matt, he almost feels human again.
Smoke - Mohinder has a smoke on the fire escape. Matt joins him for a rendezvous.
I Remember (publicly available)- Sequel to Honey, I'm Home. Features an uberflexible Mohinder.
Politics in Action (publicly available) - C-SPAN proves to be more titillating than the Playboy channel, if you're watching with the right person.

Heroes: Sylar/Mohinder

Safe Place (adult; publicly available) - Mohinder thinks he's found a safe place where he can give himself over to his fantasies.
More Than Human (PG-13) AU. Mohinder has heard the legends of the creature with black wings.

Heroes: Other Pairings/Gen
Heroes/Batman Crossover
A series of drabbles that may or may not become a real story someday. Someone is killing children with powers in Gotham City. The mothers and fathers of children with powers elsewhere are concerned, and they have their own ways of investigating.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Come to Bed (PG, Niki/DL) Niki's thought process before she invites DL back into her bed.
The Great Untold Story of Sandra Bennet, Part I (PG) - A WIP that never got finished; my idea of how Noah got involved with the Company and how Sandra got started in life.
Crowd Control (PG) - Set after 2x11. Four people meet in a diner and talk. Things are not what they seem.
Conscience (PG-13) - Four drabbles featuring Ando, Angela, Adam, and Audrey on the theme of conscience.
Power (PG) - Four drabbles on the theme of power. Featuring Micah, Claire and Peter, Sylar, and the Bennet clan.
Akogare (PG) - Hiro/Ando. An akogare is someone you admire to the point of practically having a crush on them. Hiro felt that way about someone, once. So did Ando.
The Dark Side (PG) - Matt is fighting his dark side constantly.
Deru Kui wa Utareru (PG) - Hiro/Ando. Unfinished ficlet bits starring Ando. The title is a familiar Japanese cliche: The nail that stands up gets hammered down.
Parenting (PG-13) - They created the Company for their children. For each of the Original Twelve, that meant something different. (Winner @ heroes_contest
The Next Step (Mohinder/Maya, R) Mohinder feels Maya has given him a gift. He wants to give something back. This is not a WAFF fic by any stretch of the imagination.
Three Ways Matt Might Meet Daphne - and One Way He Definitely Won't (Matt/Daphne, PG) - Humorous speculation conceived in the wake of 3x04, I Am Become Death.
If It Had Been Me - Mohinder comforts Matt in the wake of tragedy. Set after 3x15, Trust and Blood.
In Other Words... Matt and Daphne find a way to say goodbye and I love you. Spoilers for 3x20.
Broken Dolls (Elle gen, PG-13) There was a short time when Elle was just like other little girls.
Brotherhood - Matt/Nathan/Peter. Nathan returns alive, and the three find an expression of their mutual relief and love. For tokyolover9.
Perfect AU. Matt takes his friend Gabriel out to a strip club to loosen him up. A hot stripper named Mohinder appears. The rest is history.
Be Careful What You Wish... Incest warning. Claire is set on seducing Nathan.
A Point to Everything - Matt lives with an adorable but annoying gay couple, Mohinder and Gabriel, and has to put up with a lot. But there's a point to all of it.
Triangle - Nathan thinks he knows what his brothers, twins Peter and Gabriel, are up to at night.

Other fics can be found on my fanfiction.net page from Hana Yori Dango, Please Save My Earth, Slayers, Sailor Moon X-overs (Batman), Sailor Moon, Gravitation, Metroid, and Kaguya Hime. These fics are not archived here on Livejournal, but I'd love it if you'd give them a look too!
Some original fiction can be found at Tiptoe Writes!.

Thanks for reading! Please also check out my drabble dumps for hundreds of bite-size stories.
aya_lane on June 8th, 2009 04:25 am (UTC)
You rock. My socks.
Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I recently became obsessed with Heroes and went a-looking for some Matt/Mohinder fic. I found some of yours on ff.net and promptly fell in love with your writing. I literally created a livejournal account for the soul purpose of reading every single Heroes story you've posted. Which I now have. Most of them twice. So instead of reviewing every single story like I probably should have, I'm commenting on all of them to tell you how much you rock. ;) Thank you soooo much for writing, and sharing it with us. :)


P.S. - Also thank you for not requiring me to credit you for this icon I stole. Not that I wouldn't, it's just that I don't have the slightest clue what that means. I'm pretty much a lj n00b. (Is that the correct terminology?) Haha ok, ending this frightfully long comment now. :)

Tiptoe39tiptoe39 on June 8th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
:shakes rocks out of your socks:
Hee! What a nice way to wake up with this dreadful flu on its way out, dragging me kicking and screaming with it. I'm so glad you enjoyed them!!! You should branch out and read some of the other authors in the fandom-- they're totally worth it. Head over to matt_mohinder or mytwoheroes to find some good matt/mohinder fic.

As for crediting, it's easy, all you have to do is type <lj user=tiptoe-icons%gt; in the box that says Comment when you upload the icon - but you don't have to do that for me. I'm so glad you like.

And given the size of the list above, how can you consider this comment frightfully long? :D

Thanks again!! :D
Morinen: jared/jensen 2morinen on May 22nd, 2018 06:42 am (UTC)
Hey, I recently read one of your Supernatural fics, and I liked it a lot. I’d like to check out the other ones you’ve written. Are they available anywhere? Delicious seems to be dead.