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01 October 2008 @ 06:49 pm
quickly typed up meta for Heroes 3x03 for heroes_meta  

Allover: Although I loved the comedy individually, it needs to not be quite so much comedy, because it feels hokey. Like the writers are trying too hard to be clever. I suspect this might be the final season of Heroes. B/c this show has jumped more sharks than... oh, I don't know, a professional shark-jumper. Sigh. Fanfic will live forever.

1) Sylar gets vindication of the purpose of his existence.

2) Cut to Emma Frost... erm... I mean... TAFKAN (The Ali Formerly Known as Niki)

3) Welcome to our nation's capital, Nathan. You have come in the midst of the credit crisis. I sincerely hope you were not planning to sleep anytime soon, much less have time to save the world.

4) My husband says, "Angela Petrelli, you twisted bitch." I tend to agree.

5) Four supervillains walk into a bank... and rob it? how boring is THAT?

6) Ze German! 'Is Power Is Talking Laik a German!

7) Forget Tracy, Sandra is the true ice queen. And I really do hope she gives Meredith an enema in her sleep.

8) NEMESHISU. PIKACHU. Buster Keaton redux? Wishful thinking.

9) Nathan and Niki TAFKAN still have tremendous chemistry whenever they're in a scene together.

10) The bad news is, they didn't cut meaningfully away from Matt to Mohinder. The good news is, they didn't cut to Mohinder.

11) The paintings of mah boy Matt ROCK. I must needs have screencaps. That one of him with molly fills me with squee.

12) African Dude erases the photo: "There are no women in your future, Parkman." (And then begins to draw a mop of big curly black hair. HMMMMMMMM.)

13) ANDREW HANSON.... somewhere Audrey is getting ready to choke a bitch...

14) I really miss Niki-flavored Niki. I am reminded of how awesome she was by Micah already knowing that's not her. Also, "yeah kinda" w/shrug? Best delivery of the whole place.

15) OMG DOCTOR ZIMMERMAN! IT'S THE JEWISH CONSPIRACY!! *i'm not even gonna disclaim this, it insults my flist's intelligence.*

16) Claire and Meredith in matching tank tops are channeling Buffy and Faith.

17) Meredith suddenly kicks a surprising amount of ass after annoying me all episode.

18) Let's see if we can work in a political statement AND a rape survivor analogy without ever actually getting to the heart of either issue!


20) OK, Sylar's "miss something"? Creepier than anything in the actual show.

21) Ooooh, put Matt on LSD and then shag him rotten... oh, wait, that's just what I want to do...

OK dun bai. Mohinder looked fine in the preview. And I'm not gonna comment on the Sylar scene bc seriously? it's not worth it. Crack, crack, crack.

blackdoggy1 on October 1st, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
First off....LOL at TAFKAN

And also 12 is my favorite.