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06 October 2008 @ 10:00 pm
Heroes 3x04 Meta for heroes_meta... and for everyone!!  
(EDITED to add one more comment in the mornin')

1) "This is Mohinder Suresh. I've discovered an adverse side effect of the serum - it requires me to put on a shirt."

2) So who's Barbara, then? Is she a lounge singer in Vegas? A sumo wrestler? A cowgirl? Enquiring minds want to know.

3) Matt goes into the hut and practices eating Momo's... erm. Never mind.

4) hedgehog39 sez: "Why can't hallucinogens ever be mixed into ice cream, damn it?"

5) hedgehog39 sez: "Whoa, the future is City of Heroes!

6) Oh noes, it's Season One Peter versus Season Two Peter!

7) hedgehog39 sez:
HAITIAN: "You cannot use your powers against m--"

8) So, guesses on Niki's real mom?

9) The initial lack of Maya made me happy. But she comes in and is all domestic goddessy. "Ooo, let's go outside." They almost looked cute there. But the thing is, you have to make us WANT the cute moments before you give them to us, or we won't think they're cute.... ;_;

10) Linderman thinks it sucks to be noncorporeal. He'd like to punch Nathan in the nose for being a fuckwit.

11) Did Nathan forget what Linderman can do momentarily? What was that crap about "are you a telepath"? Maybe you DO have brain damage from the shooting, you sievehead.


13) Actually, it was never the serum. Sleeping with Squid Flu gave you crabs. I told you not to fight nature. Ted Haggard tried the same thing and he still ended up with T3h Gay.

13a) Mohinder has turned into Ted Haggard. Raging heterosexual to the world, then shoots up and fucks strange men in kinky ways.

14) Sylar's obviously had some Dr. Phil sessions. His style of parenting reminds me a little of my sister's.

15) Aha, problem solved, Peter! Go back to the past and castrate Sylar and all will be well!

16) Which is more dangerous: a superpowered serial killer, or an ex-superpowered grieving dad? Discuss.

17) The scene with Matt and Daphne worked somehow, but seriously, writers, you can't just tell us the couples you're going to create and then expect us to be all "Well, OK."

18) Matt had to take Molly away after Mohinder went bugfuck. LITERALLY.

19) ANDO motherfucking WINS at LIFE.

20) I hope Tracy never gets married. Cold feet would really suck with her.

21) Nathan and Tracy might be my ship of the season. Adrian and Ali really do have some chemistry. But hey, I was wondering what that speck was on the horizon near the Key Bridge. Here I thought it was just Dick Cheney's helicopter.

22) hedgehog39 sez:
TRACY: "I have something to show you."
NATHAN: "Your boobs? ....Erm... I mean..."
TRACY: *freezes his glass*
NATHAN: "You can chill my bourbon for me! Sweet!"

23) OMG NATHAN IS DUBYA. Army of God and all. Well, hell, shirtless Peter makes ME want to believe...

24) Wait, they let the Haitian out of the vicinity? LOLWTF?

25) UTSUSU: "You don't read much, do you?"

26) MATT: *follows the tortoise for a few minutes*
TORTOISE: *moves very slowly*
MATT: "Screw this, I need to find my kid."
(Afterthought: Matt's the tortoise and Daphne's the hare? Slow and steady vs. quick and sloppy? Hrmmmm. Can't see that as anything but a dig at poor Matt. Who looks better and better with each episode, I might add.)

27) And Heroes follows its grand tradition of cutting off on a curse word. Yay for traditions!

OK, I have you-know-what to post and then I promised hubby i'd give the computer back...
Samanthor: Rent: Quotes -- Fictionkleenexcow on October 7th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
LOL, we also though up both #12 (Except we were calling him "Darth Hinder") and #22 (Almost word for word! Both boobs and Nathan being excited by chilled alcohol!)

Also, 27 will never not be funny.
Katawhisperoflight on October 7th, 2008 05:19 am (UTC)
I lol'd at 12 and 20. Hard.

And about 16, I'd like to believe that a grieving father is more dangerous.

As much as I loooove the thought of Daddy!Sylar, I think I'd miss the dark, brooding, psychopath that he was in previous seasons.
Cedara: Heroes:Matt-talking-to-a-turtlecedara on October 7th, 2008 12:18 pm (UTC)