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05 January 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Reposted Heroes Meta: 3x08 & 3x09  
Posted at Tiptoe Is Tiptoe after the episodes aired. (What ep # was this? Ep 8?)

Obviously some of my speculation has since been proved or disproved, come laff at how wrong I was. Especially in my Claire speculation in 3x09-- and wildly inaccurate speculation about Nathan. I was smoking something without knowing it. :)

So this week’s episode is basically fanwank, am I right? It’s the writers peeing themselves saying “Yes, we remember how cool Season One was and we remember all our old awesomeness. Look, we were even thinking that far ahead when we were doing it. See? It’s all tied together. See? It’s logical! SRSLY!”

Small problem there, guys. When Peter got out of Mohinder’s cab in Episode One, Nathan was already running for Congress (no sign of that) and what’s more, Papa Petrelli was dead - rumored to be long dead. He was still alive in your retelling.

However. They still made it abundantly clear that there are two people you never mess with. 1) Noah Bennet, and 2) Angela Petrelli.

Best lines: “I thought you were going to burst into song” and “It wasn’t your mother’s recipe.”

There was a severe lack of Mattage. At least they gave us the Grunny beatbox again.

And for episode 3x09:

I get it, now, Ali Larter’s characters are a metaphor for Heroes itself. Seriously, she’s a living metaphor. She starts out cool but as things go along she starts to exhibit signs of being a cliche. And just when you think she’s going to fade away, she comes back, supposedly completely reinvented and better than ever. And although there are some cool aspects to her, the longer she’s onscreen, the more you’re reminded that there really isn’t any reason for her to be there except for someone must like her.

Seriously. No, I mean, SERIOUSLY.

Give your relationships more than three episodes to happen.

Daphne’s known Matt all of two days and she can say “I love you” to him? And Matt, the world-weary cop who’s seen and done it all, doesn’t think that she’s a little immature, because the man whose father makes creepy illusions and who has been lied to by all the important people in his life had a dream that they were married?

I’m protective of Matt’s character. And I suppose by Heroes standards three episodes is a lifetime. But still, this show doesn’t understand the importance of making the fans beg for it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop introducing women and then pairing them off. That’s not what the show is about, remember?

Now. On to some other business.

I think it’s quite obvious what happens now regarding Claire. She was hidden by Kaito Nakamura, who used Meredith as a surrogate mother and set her up with Nathan to give Claire a tie to the Petrelli family. I expect there will be a “Paire” scene where they struggle for, oh, one segment about being attracted to each other and thinking they’re related, then the truth coming out and is it creepy, then there will be smooches. Hopefully not sex, though, because Claire still looks so young. (Poor Peter. Fall for her, and you’re going to be called a pedophile for the rest of your life. You’ll never age, but neither will she…)

But who is Claire’s father? Since the Petrellis and Gordons have shown us that power runs in the family, might I suggest a certain dashing Brit who was recently incinerated? Just an idle thought. Would make sense that the catalyst would run in the blood of the First Ever Superhero.

And please, please, won’t someone please tell me what they’re supposed to be saving the world from? If it’s that black thing in Hiro’s future, how does Hiro get the formula back so Ando demands it of him? That whole storyline seems to have been dropped like a hot potato, so we can assume that future’s been nixed. And Nathan knows better than to reveal the whole “um, we have superpowers” thing to the world, so that future’s been nixed. What sort of crisis is Arthur imagining that he supposes he’ll need to give the world superpowers? Or is it just for him because he’s afraid his powers will get snuffed out by the big bad eclipse?

Finally, Kristen Bell needs an Emmy for this episode. The Sylar/Elle thing would make a lot more sense if they’d stop trying to make Elle normal - really, I’m sorry, but you-killed-my-dad/o-nm-ur-hawt relationships are one step up from rape-equals-love relationships. One very low step. At least Mohinder had the advantage of not knowing who Zane really was until it was too late. ;)

And again, Heroes evolves the relationship too damn fast. (Then again, I suppose accelerated evolution is one of the themes of the show.)

Please get Mohinder out of his glass box soon and get him interacting with people and not spouting psychobabble. He almost had ethics this episode. Can we see him exercising them, please?

I have the feeling Nathan will be the key to pulling the two sides together and getting them to work for the common cause… he’s been developed in the background, with a lot promised of him. Then again, these writers have a habit of starting things in a very promising way and then forgetting to finish them.

Too little too late, perhaps, but fandom stuff belongs on fandom blog, and that is what this dear elljay is all about.

Oh, P.S. did I mention Brea Grant answered my question *FIRST* on her online Q&A? Snarky as it was... :-) She said my username and everything :beams:
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oh dear: Heroes: OH SHI-!tinted_glass on January 6th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
The super speedy evolution of Matt/Daphne and Sylar/Elle made me SO CONFUSED. How do these relationships make any sense? Dude, writers, please take note that people don't pair off INSTANTANEOUSLY once they leave high school. And if they do it's kind of creepy/insane and totally not hot like you want us to believe.

I personally think the catalyst should have been Matt's tortoise. By which I mean I am SO GLAD this didn't happen, but I would have liked it better than the Light Side of the Force.
Tiptoe39: animalstiptoe39 on January 6th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
yes yes and it's BAD for BUSINESS! If two characters have chemistry and DON'T get together, people will tune in next week to find out what happens!! :headdesk: It's not rocket science, people....

i like your tortoise theory! i hadn't thought of the whole reptile/scale thing. that's omglol funny and you're right it could have worked!!

(personally I was convinced Mohinder was gonna become the Uluru monster in 9th Wonders, but my prediction skills are... um... subprime.)
aquasnake08aquasnake08 on January 6th, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)
God how I missed these. As stated with previous ranting I think you hit the nail on the head with these rushed relationships. Though I have to admit I do like Matt and Daphne together, I wish they spent a little time to flesh it out. Guh, Syelle *gags* I kinda liked Elle in season 2 but this season I just hated her.
Tiptoe39: maphnetiptoe39 on January 6th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
i actually liked vulnerable!elle (like in the scenes with Claire) but not nice!you're-a-good-person!elle. We definitely should have been able to see her psycho gears working during that ep and we absolutely didn't. Sigh.

I liked the concept of Matt/Daphne but the reality of it bored me. After he confessed his luuuurrrrve, they just had the same conversation over and over. It was stoopid. Sigh. The actors could have used some better material.

Bryan Fuller, take me awaaaaaaaaaay!