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12 July 2009 @ 10:55 pm

I tried to choose mostly English tracks so everyone would be able to enjoy them. This partially accounts for the glut of music from 1989. Partially. Heh.


1) It's All Been Done - Barenaked Ladies
I love the idea of lovers meeting again and again over time

Alone and bored on a 30th century night
Will I see you on The Price Is Right?

2) Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl
I've always had an unreasonable love for this song

Trying to catch your heart is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you, baby
That must be what you are

3) What I Am - Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
Not the worst philosophy to have

I'm not aware of too many things
I know what I know, if you know what I mean

4) Eternal Flame - Bangles
If this song doesn't make you wibble, you have no soul

Say my name, sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely and then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling

5) Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp
An American love story

Hold on to sixteen as long as you can
Changes come around real soon, make us women and men

6) LAILA - Misia (Japanese)
Love the beat of this one

Laila, Laila, reflecting in these eyes
Laila, Laila, touching with these hands
In a world where nothing's certain

7) Hope the Weather's Good Today - Do As Infinity (Japanese)
This song is CRAZY energetic

The sun is laughing
We're no good, no good
In the fantastic summer we're running away

8) Here - Sakamoto Maaya
I see jaded former Hollywood starlets looking at the next generation

Here I am, I've walked the promise
But it can take so long
Here I am I've walked the shadows
It's time that I moved on
With myself I share the silence
I just walk along

9) Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
I used to act out this song with my high school boyfriend at dances. It was fun

There ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed
Cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed

10) Paperback Writer - The Beatles
This is just about as pathetic as my current aspirations, but hey

Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer

11) It's a New Day - Jennifer Cihi
I want to wake up every day of my life feeling this way

Got up this morning
On the right side of my bed
With all these crazy thoughts
Screaming through my head
I can't wait to see
What this world holds for me

12) Honey Bunny - Sakamoto Maaya (Japanese)
I love the attitude she cops in this, and great jazzy beat

When you can't sleep, count them
when you close your eyes, honey bunny
I don't mean counting sheep--
Count the words of love I've given you.
There's no way, no way you can count them all in one night!

13) Gimme Gimme - Sutton Foster
Another good life philosophy to have!

Here I am, St. Valentine,
My bags are packed, I'm first in line
Aphrodite, don't forget me,
Romeo and Juliet me!

14) Imaginary - Evanescence
I used to build worlds around myself too

Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops, as they're falling tell a story

15) Look Away - Chicago
I fell crazy in love with this song when I was ten

When you called me up this morning,
Told me 'bout the new love you found.
I said I'm happy for you,
I'm really happy for you...

16) On My Own - Frances Ruffele
My ultimate favorite song in the entire freaking world forever

In the darkness the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever
And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him

17) Angel Voice - Fire Bomber (Japanese)
This is just beautiful and inspiring... too bad about the random dialog at the end

I've been called a fool for it, but the dream I had that day hasn't changed
Angel Voice, I found it beyond the horizon
Lit up and sparkling
Your appearance wasn't a dream

18) Africa - Toto
I love how this song tries so hard to be EPIC

I stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
He turned to me as if to say, hurry boy, its waiting there for you

19) NO FEAR - Ai Suru Koto - Sakamoto Maaya (Japanese)
One of the most beautiful, vulnerable performances of Maaya's career

Even so small, I'll be here for you
I'm so frightened, but it'll be all right
That road will surely continue on
Even if you're scared, it'll be all right
To love, to dream, I no longer fear

20) Listen to Your Heart - Roxette
This song got me through many an adolescent night

I don't know where you're going and I don't know why
But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye

21) Amazing - Aerosmith
I know EXACTLY the moment he's singing about - I experienced it at 18 and it changed me completely

It's amazing, when the moment arrives that you know you'll be all right
It's amazing
And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

22) Blue - Mai Yamane
I want to feel this "zen" toward the universe

Everything is clearer now
Life is just a dream, you know
That's never ending
I'm ascending

23) Neo Universe - L'Arc en Ciel (Japanese)
I love the energy and drive behind this song

You're gentle as the wind
Free as the sea
You fly through this world without fear
Neo Universe
Even if it ends up a tragedy
I'm glad that I could meet you

24) On the Steps of the Palace - Kim Crosby
We all face our own moments "in the goo" making a big decision

Although how can you know who you are till you know what you want--
which you don't-- so, then, which do you pick?
Where you're safe, out of sight and yourself, but where everything's wrong?
Or where everything's right and you know that you'll never belong?

25) Bust a Move - Young MC
I loved rap back when rap was funny... come on. Wild Thing? LOL!

From frustration, you first inclination
Is to become a monk and leave the situation
But every dark tunnel has a light of hope
So don't hang yourself with a celibate rope

26) Park Amsterdam (The Whole Story) - Sakamoto Maaya
Life should be this sort of adorable fairy tale

Met the queen of hearts while out dancing on the lake
and she asked us to a party: "You can bring some friends, but don't be late"
Climbed aboard a bus and it drove us to the castle
but we didn't have to pay 'cause the driver was the jester's brother
Sadly sighed the king 'cause somebody took his cake
So we gave him some of ours and he smiled so wide he ate his plate!

27) Hold On to the Nights - Richard Marx
This song is the essence of how it feels to fall in love

Every time I look into your eyes I'm helplessly aware
That the someone I've been searching for is right there

28) For Crying Out Loud - Meat Loaf
This song is the essence of how it feels to love someone with your whole being

For taking and for giving and for playing the game
For praying for my future in the days that remain
Oh, love, for that I hold you

29) Ring - Sakamoto Maaya (Japanese)
The first dance at our wedding

I'll bet my hopes and all my dreams on this
And let us promise to embrace the intensity of that day
And live for the future that blooms tomorrow

30) Listen to My Heart - BoA (Japanese)
Just a great dance beat and kind of a cool song

Ooh baby, the word love is too heavy, I can't say it...
But I want to gaze at you, I want you to gaze at me

31) Buenos Aires - Madonna

You ought to know what you're gonna get in me?
Just a little touch of star quality!

Download it here

Destiny: Little Miss Birthdayanythingshedoes on July 13th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Lots of good songs there! I ♥ Eternal Flame, Africa and Imaginary especially. XD

Yay for birthdays!
etoile du nord: Good: Youetoiledunord on July 13th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
Happy birthday, Tippy! =D
arabella_warabella_w on July 13th, 2009 04:25 am (UTC)
it's a great mix! Thanks for sharing
and congrats for your birthday! I hope you'll have a wonderful day!!

Paul Linh Nguyenanimekid on July 13th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
Happy birthday you~ \(^_^)/
levitatethis on July 13th, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
I'm not late, right? Your birthday is today?

g0shawk: Doctor Whog0shawk on July 13th, 2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
I'm snagging all the Japanese ones since I've mostly been searching youtube looking for good stuff. Thanks :) And Happy Birthday again!! :D