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02 October 2009 @ 01:16 pm
Fandom Roundup, September Edition  
A VERY busy month for me and fandom...

Fandom Roundup: September Edition

Fanfics and Drabbles
The Paradise Academy, Chapter 3 (NC-17) - Prince Mohinder spars with Sylar, pursues Claire, and bonds with Matt.
Blue Skies (NC-17) - Claude has a horny and shameless Peter on his hands.
Happy Birthday (PG) - On the morning of Peter's 20th birthday, Nathan kissed him.
Drabble: Claire is disappointed in her drinking buddies.
Drabble: Mohinder's pulled over by a cop, but not the one he expects.
Drabble: Hiro comes across some fanfic with him and Ando.
Drabble: Mohinder and Peter are friends, but sometimes...
Drabble: AU. Food critic!Mohinder wrote a scathing review of Matt's Grill, but something else is cooking.
Drabble: AU. Paradise Academy!verse. Prince Mohinder is enchanted by the herald Daphne.
Drabble: (adult) Adam and Elle get fighting and get naked and get... some.
Drabble: (adult) Nathan teases Peter with a zeppole, and Peter's sweet tooth takes over.
Drabble: (adult) Nathan walks in on Peter and Elle, and his disgust doesn't last.
Drabble: (adult) Matt uses his mind control powers, but that doesn't mean Nathan's not willing.
Drabble: (adult) Adam and Monica do a little roleplaying, but Monica doesn't like her role.
Drabble: (adult) Daphne leads Peter and Sylar on a merry chase to get what she wants.

Drabble: Astrid likes it when Walter flails.
Drabble: Astrid's crush on Olivia is getting bad.

Unrequited (PG) - Jack finds out Owen's been sleeping with Gwen. He's pissed. Owen's... something else.
Drabble: Everyone at Torchwood suddenly stops censoring their thoughts.
Drabble: Jack has little regard for the social norms of the 1920s.

Olympian (PG) - Nine short stories based in Greek myth
Drabble: Dean and Sam are under a curse and can only speak in limericks.

Drabble: (adult) Anthy gives Utena the royal treatment.

Drabble: (adult) Gus thinks this is a bad time for Shawn to laugh.

Drabble: (adult) Merlin has Arthur in chains and at his mercy.

Sailor Moon
Drabble: (adult) Mamoru has boyhood memories of Fiore.

Mononoke Hime
Drabble: (adult) Ashitaka and San meet under the full moon.

The Prime Directive (R) - Jim Kirk and Peter Petrelli come face to face for a second time.
Drabble: (adult) Mohinder likes Toshiko in glasses.
Drabble: (adult) Adam Monroe drowns his sorrows with (and in) a certain vampire named Spike.

Screencaps from the Sims 2:

America's Next Top Model, Fringe, and Heroes icons

Heroes 4x01-02 and Fringe 2x01

America's Next Top Model 13x1-2
Fringe 2x01
Heroes 4x01-02
Heroes 4x03

The Multifandom Sex Tropes Meme

You know you're Tiptoe39 when...
The uncanon meme
The Fall Fandom Free-for-All
My anime stereotype

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Heroes Fan
ladywilde80: Holy Cockladywilde80 on October 2nd, 2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
Holy crap woman! When do you sleep? ;)
speccygeekgrrl on October 2nd, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
Damn, you're a busy little bee!